Find the decision-makers with the Candidate File from Campaigns & Elections. It's the most comprehensive candidate list service available, connecting you directly with federal and state candidates across the country.

Data Options

  • Contact information for candidates running for office, updated monthly or weekly
  • Candidate Facebook and YouTube links
  • Candidate Twitter handles
  • Campaign finance info, including cash on hand and total spend to date

1. Premium Data File Subscription

Receive an updated list of contact information for candidates running for office once per week. List will be delivered by email in Excel format for easy sorting and use and will include the following bonus features: Facebook and YouTube links, Twitter handle, and Campaign finance information (including FEC Candidate ID, organization name, last filing date, cash on hand, total contributions since start of candidacy and total dollars spent to-date, for congressional candidates).

2. On-Demand List Creation

Build a customized list or data file with the specific information you want, right when you want it. Filter by campaign, state, election year, candidate status or political party. Applet below.