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Congratulations to all Reed Award nominees!

PHONESAutomated Phone Calls – Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs AdvocacyHighGround, Inc. Keep the Cubs – Ron Santo Stones’ Phones Proud to be Average – Iowa State Education Winning Connections Brady PAC Illinois – Sarah Brady Against Bill Automated Phone – State Legislative and Local CandidateFront Porch Strategies Sooner Magic! Zata3 Consulting Left for Dead Zata3 Consulting Our Side of TownAutomated Phone – Statewide CandidateFLS Connect Corbett Personally Addresses Criminal Stance Winning Connections President Obama Robo Call for Russ Feingold Zata3 No Respect for Women  

Automated Phone – Congressional CandidateFront Porch Strategies Farenthold Fights Back Zach Galifianakis: The Annoyance is Worth It  

Zata3 Consulting Overcoming Dirty TricksLive Phone – Best Overall Use of a Telephone Town HallStones’ Phones I’m the True Democrat in the Race: Setting Up Zata3 Consulting Cousin Bobby is on the Phone Zata3 Consulting First Day on the JobLive Phone – Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs AdvocacyWinning Connections Sierra Club: Early Turnout for Titus Winning Connections Sportsmen for Heinrich Zata3 Consulting Turning Oil into Clean WaterLive Phone – State Legislative and Local CandidateWinning Connections Alan Bates for State Senate – Live GOTV Winning Connections Steve Choate GOTV Zata3 Consulting Dialing in Four Victories in ColoradoLive Phone – Statewide CandidateFLS Connect Corbett Tight Race GOTV Winning Connections Chafee for Governor Winning Connections Mike Beebe for Governor:  Early Vote GOTV  

Live Phone – Congressional CandidateWinning Connections Ben Chandler GOTV Winning Connections Jim Cooper Live Social-Pressure and Plan Zata3 Hawkeye State GOTVNEWSPAPERNewspaper – Other Newspaper AdsGMMB Clean Energy Works - Oilephant GMMB Clean Energy Works – Wait Hackney & Hackney, Inc. Red HerringNewspaper – Statewide Newspaper AdGoddard Claussen Public Affairs Angel Grainger Terry We Can’t Wait Another 40 Years Hackney & Hackney, Inc. Face-to-FaceNewspaper – Toughest Newspaper AdEdmonds Associates, Inc. Taxpayer Funded Abortions Hackney & Hackney, Inc. Face-to-Face Rainmaker ShamefulNewspaper – Local, County, Statehouse or Judicial Newspaper AdGoddard Claussen Public Affairs Independence Rainmaker Shameful San Francisco Association of Realtors Chinese Print AdTECHNOLOGYTechnology – Best International WebsiteBlue State Digital Dilma Rousseff for President

Exata Consulting Roberto Teixeira HoffGroup A Grounding Breaking Moment for Online Campaigning in BrazilTechnology – Best Online FundraisingBuzzMaker The Prosper Group/CampaignGrid Sharron Angle Targeted Online Fundraising Piryx Year of the Political EntrepreneurTechnology – Web Video: Ballot Initiative and Independent ExpendituresGMMB & Armour Media Mutton on the Lamb RapidResponse Media, Inc. & Let Freedom Ring MasterLard The Strategy Group for Media Liberty and Freedom Foundation “Thirteen Trillion”

Technology – Web Video: CandidateThe Prosper Group Taxman – Christine O’Donnell for Senate The Strategy Group for Media Alan Nunnelee for Congress – “ Be Thou My Vision” The Strategy Group for Media Sean Duffy for Congress  - “Bulls Eye”Technology – Website: Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue AdvocacyConnell Donatelli, Inc. and Campaign Solutions Taxpayers Against Earmarks Integrated Web Strategy U.S. Chamber of Commerce Upstream Communications National Republican Senatorial CommitteeTechnology – Website: State Legislative and Local RacesUpstream Communications Dee Margo for Texas State Representative Upstream Communications Liberal Loretta – Linda Harper Brown for Texas Vince Gray for Mayor Kennedy CommunicationsTechnology – Website: Statewide RacesIntegrated Web Strategy Governor Jan Brewer 2010 Red Yawp Digital John McCain 2010 Trilogy Interactive Hickenlooper for ColoradoTechnology – Website: CongressionalAlien Media, Inc. Jack Goodman for Congress Buzzmaker Steve Israel for Long Island New Media Campaigns Ed Perlmutter for Congress The Prosper Group Michael Grimm for Congress  

RADIORadio – Best Use of Voice Over TalentGMMB & Armour Media Friends of Barbara Boxer – Overboard Hackney & Hackney Come Home, Zack Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy I Cut the SheriffRadio – Toughest Radio AdGMMB Harry Reid for Senate - Wicked Rainmaker Hootie Dropped the Ball RapidResponse Media, Inc. & Let Freedom Ring Princess Lisa  

Radio – Best Radio AdCommunications Counsel, Inc. “Missing Person” – Johnson for Congress GMMB Harry Reid for Senate – Wicked Hackney & Hackney Asteroid

SIGNAGE & LOGO MATERIALSignage & Logo Material – Billboard/Bus SignsHighGround, Inc. Governor Jan Brewer Billboard The Singularis Group Clean Sweep Bus Wrap Rainmaker The Evidence is ClearSignage & Logo Material – Most Original/Innovative Collateral ItemLos Angeles Democratic Party 2010 California Democratic Team Baseball Cards Right Angle Consulting Misfortune Cookies Stearns Consulting No on B Rally TowelSignage & Logo Material – Yard/Outdoor SignsHighground Keep the Cubs – Yes on 420 Precision Politics “The Taxpayers Watchdog” Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy Perata House

DIRECT MAILDirect Mail – Ballot Initiative San Francisco Association of Realtors “Sidewalks” (Yes on L) San Francisco Association of Realtors “Undeserved Benefits” (No on F) SmartVote, a division of The AdTrack 500 Jobs

Direct Mail – Best Mail that Never Saw the Light of DayBattleground Group Soft on Crime The Campaign Workshop Golden Parachute Lisella Public Affairs Jobs Direct Mail – Independent Expenditure and Issue AdvocacySan Francisco Association of Realtors Chinese Audio Slate Card San Francisco Association of Realtors “Fairness” (No on F) The Singularis Group, LLC 18% SpecialDirect Mail – Best Non-US Campaign (International)Exata Consulting Roberto Teixeira NOW Communications Group Hugh McFadyen NOW Communications Group What’s the Plan?Direct Mail – Best VillainAxiom Strategies Putty in Pelosi’s Hands The Campaign Workshop Robber Kennedy Communications PlaybookDirect Mail – Democratic County, Local and Judicial CandidateGrainger Terry Inc. It Matters Who Wears this Badge Kennedy Communications Service Rainmaker Webster’s DictionaryDirect Mail – Republican County, Local, Judicial CandidateAxiom Strategies Dump Dooley Powers Communications, Inc. Bell The San Diego Group Tax ManDirect Mail – Democratic Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue AdvocacyThe Campaign Workshop Tricked in DE Gold Communications & Andi Pringle Not Invited Gumbinner & Davies Communications Nascar (23% Car)Direct Mail – Republican Independent Expenditure and Issue AdvocacyFaulkner Strategies Convicts Out Early The San Diego Group Tax Man Winning Edge Communications, LLC Sues BrothersDirect Mail – Democratic State Legislative CandidateGumbinner & Davies Communications “Cat Food” Gumbinner & Davies Communications “Fish Story” Rainmaker Ban BarbieDirect Mail – Republican State Legislative CandidateLarkin Brody Associates Senator AJ Wilhelmi is a Pig The Lukens Company Eckerty Bio Persuasion Partners Faison: Lenticular thetrazgroup Meet Greg Ball Tuesday Associates O’Connell Hear Him in His Own Words Winning Edge Communications, LLC Paper AirplaneDirect Mail – Democratic Congressional CandidateGold Communications High Stakes Gumbinner & Davies Communications American Dream Kennedy Communications Four Donkeys Mission Control Compass/Wrong Islands Petel and Company Iwo Vets Petel and Company Vets – TBIDirect Mail – Republican Congressional CandidateAxiom Strategies Putty in Pelosi’s Hand Chris Russell Consulting LLC Fingerprints Chris Russell Consulting, LLC Unemployed Communications Counsel, Inc. “Hope” Bill Johnson for Congress Curtis Scott Advertising Inc. Biggert Testimonial thetrazgroup Meet RobDirect Mail – Democratic Statewide Candidate The Chadderdon Group Young Person Gumbinner & Davies Communications “Pat on the Back” Kennedy Communications Made in America Kennedy Communications Sestak Intro

Mission Control Inc. Skyler Stearns Consulting Jerry Brown for Governor

Direct Mail – Republican Statewide CandidateFaulkner Strategies Crister Persuasion Partners, Inc. Ron Johnson: Airplane The Singularis Group, LLC Tiahrt TodderDirect Mail – Toughest Direct Mail PieceThe Chadderdon Group She’s Scared Gold Communications Not Invited Gumbinner & Davies Communications “I Hit Cops” The Public Response Group, Inc. Two Questions – Sam Page for State Senate Rainmaker Hit N Run Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy Home Invasion

Best Overall Biographical MailThe Beytin Agency Bea’s Story Gumbinner & Davies Communications “My Husband Was Attacked” Rainmaker Webster’s Dictionary  

SPECIAL CATEGORIESSpecial Categories – Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight VictoryBronstein & Weaver Return of the Mack The Campaign Group How Joe Sestak beat the President and the Entire Democratic Establishment to Beat Arlen Specter Dresner Wickers and Associates AL Gov-Elect Bentley: From “Longshot” to “Dark Horse”Special Categories – Best Campaign Comeback Campaign Manager Brandon Hall, Senior Adviser Rebecca Lambe, The Mellman Group, GMMB and Ambrosino Muir & Hansen Harry Reid for Senate Dresner Wickers and Associates Gov-Elect Bently: From “longshot” to “dark horse” Penn Schoen Berland Swipe Fee ReformSpecial Categories – Best Earned Media Around a Single Event The Bus Federation Trick or Vote 2010 Devine Mulvey Lincoln Chafee – Stand Up Murray Hill Incorporated Murray Hill Incorporated for CongressSpecial Categories – Best GOTV Plan and Execution The Beytin Agency Delaware Democratic Coordinated Campaign Integrated Web Strategy U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Vote for Business Murphy Turner Associates Stefani Carter for State RepresentativeSpecial Categories: Best International CampaignExata Consulting Roberto Teixeira Cundari Group Rocco Rossi – Toronto Mayoral Campaign NOW Communications Group, Inc. Anti-Privatization Campaign Xavier Roig i Associats S.L. Image Consistency in Soccer Electoral PoliticsSpecial Categories – Best Public Affairs CampaignHackney & Hackney Pebble Mine Revolution Agency U.S. Chamber: Stop the CFPA Campaign Truman Project Operation FreeSpecial Categories – Best Special Election CampaignFight Back New York Fight Back New York Targets Hiram Monserrate Marin and Sons Will Gort, City of Miami Murphy Turner Associates John Kuempel for State RepresentativeSpecial Categories – Best Use of a Printed Communication (non-mailed)Los Angeles County Democratic Party Permanent Vote-by-Mail Application Literature Revolution Messaging Harry Reid Hispanic Issues Card Tuesday Associates Marty Lamb Sick of Congress Barf BagsSpecial Categories – Best Use of Social Networking TechnologyBlue State Digital It Gets Better Project DCI Group and Activision-Blizzard Call of Duty Endowment Memorial Day Campaign Kennedy Communications Vince Gray for Mayor (DC) RBI Strategies & Research Bernie Buescher for Colorado Secretary of State

Special Categories – Best Use of Targeting TechnologyThe Mellman Group Advanced Microtargeting for Chandler for Congress The Prosper Group Sharron Angle Online Fundraising Donor Trilogy Interactive CA Democratic Party’s Friend Out the VoteSpecial Categories – Most Daring (and Successful) TacticCalifornia Nurses Association Queen Meg The Prosper Group Welcome to Nevada – Sharron Angle for Senate Rainmaker Defeat Randy Microsite  

Special Categories – Most Innovative Product of the YearConnell Donatelli, Inc. and Campaign Solutions Michele Bachmann Mobile Surge FLS Connect American Crossroads Canvass NV & CO with GeoConnect Sparkpoint Strategies Governor Mike Beebe/The Believe in Arkansas NetworkSpecial Categories – Best Use of Email/Viral MarketingHighGround, Inc.Secure the Border – Arizona Sing-A-Long Kennedy Communications Christine is (still) Not Me The Prosper Group Taxman – Christine O’Donnell for SenateSpecial Categories – Best Use of New TechnologyThe Bus Federation MyBallot – The Social Sample Ballot FLS Connect American’s for Prosperity’s “Freedom Phone” The Mellman Group Ad Testing Through Randomized Online ExperimentsBest Use of Mobile TechnologyConnell Donatelli, Inc. and Campaign Solutions Michele Bachmann Mobile Surge Revolution Messaging Bennet for Colorado Mobile Revolution Messaging Harry Reid MobileTELEVISIONTV – Best Ad that Never Saw the Light of DayAdelstein Liston “Hector” (for Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas) GMMB Harry Reid for Senate – Prisoner Scott Howell and Company California The Strategy Group for Media Sue Lowden for United States Senate Struble Eichenbaum Communications “Party” Zata3 Consulting Family Values DUITV – Ballot InitiativeChris Mottola Consulting, Inc. Warning Label Goddard Claussen Public Affairs Changing the Lines Goddard Claussen Public Affairs Lights Out Stearns Consulting “Bad Medicine” No on BTV – Best Non-US Campaign (International) Exata Consulting Roberto Teixeira FILMIK Group Mercado Quintella Gerez Branding Ltda. WATCH Brazil Devine Mulvey and Revolution Political Media Desayunos – Noemi Sanin for President RBI Strategies & Research “We Can’t Wait” – Swedish Social Democratic Party STPOLITICS (SEGARRATERES) Play Nice, Play Fair! TV – Best Use of Voice Over Talent Hackney & Hackney Bear in the Woods The Strategy Group for Media Rand Paul for United States Senate – Stamp of Approval Trippi & Associates Peter Coyote, “Cut Waste” Brown for GovernorTV – Independent Expenditure Campaign/Issue Advocacy60 Plus Association Still Believe GMMB Clean Energy Works – Clean Up Hackney & Hackney, Inc. Best AthletesTV – Best Villain Adelstein Liston “Every Four Minutes” (Patriot Majority for Senator Harry Reid) GMMB Clean Energy Works Clean-Up The Strategy Group for Media Rand Paul for United States Senate – “Washington Machine”TV – Democratic Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy Adelstein Liston “Buck’s World” (AFSCME for Senator Michael Bennet) GMMB Mr. Bibbs GMMB DCCC – ReliefTV – Republican Independent Expenditure and Issue AdvocacyOnMessage, Inc. National Republican Senatorial Committee OnMessage, Inc. National Rifle Association, “Unstitched” Schubert Flint Public Affairs Ninety DaysTV – Democratic Local, County or Judicial CandidateRainmaker Both Sides Revolution Political Media “Stop Corruption” Terry Curry for Marion County Whitehurst Mosher Campaign Strategy Perata Believe!TV – Democratic State Legislative CandidateMAX Films Lizard Rainmaker Humble Beginnings Strategic Campaign Media “One”TV – Republican State Legislative CandidateThe Casale Group McLaughlin for Assembly – Great Idea Murphy Turner Associates TX HD 101 Cindy Burkett “One of Us” The Strategy Group for Media Scott Vanderhoef for New York Senate – “Pull the Curtain”TV – Democratic Congressional CandidateGMMB Tim Walz for Congress – Right Thing MAX Films Cut Off Tipping Point Strategies DogTV – Republican Congressional CandidateHackney & Hackney One Congressman The Strategy Group for Media Tim Huelskamp for Congress The Strategy Group for Media Sean Duffy for Congress – Get America RollingTV – Democratic Statewide CandidateGMMB Ron Wyden - Different Struble Eichenbaum Communications “Dead Aim” Trippi & Associates “Echo” Brown for GovernorTV – Republican Statewide Candidate Lincoln Strategy Group Convicted OnMessage, Inc. Rick Scott, ‘Dominoes’ The Strategy Group for Media Sue Lowden for United States Senate – “Spa”TV – Most Effective Comparative Television AdvertisementGMMB Harry Reid for Senate – Running The Strategy Group for Media Sean Duffy for Congress – “Lassa Fiscal” Trippi & Associates “Echo” Brown for Governor 2010TV – Toughest Television AdvertisementThe Campaign Group How Joe Sestak ended Arlen Specter’s Bid for Senate GMMB & Armour Media Friends of Barbara Boxer – Workers GMMB Harry Reid for Senate – Not My Job Hackney & Hackney Dam Failure Revolution Agency Republican State Leadership Committee: Espinoza Trippi & Associates “Echo” Brown for Governor 2010 <!-- /article-body --> <!-- x --> Twitter Facebook Google Plus RSS Email a Friend RSS RSS RSS Comments <!-- ERROR id = "comment" --> <!-- MESSAGE id = "approval" --> Name: * Email: * Submit

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