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Locking in major donors and party elders was once the dominant paradigm for shaping and winning Democratic nominations and elections. But times have changed.

Howard Dean’s 2003 digital campaigning shook a DNC establishment consisting of a small number of major donors who could raise a large amount of money.

Then in 2007, an unknown insurgent, Barack Obama and his Organizing for America campaign, handed the established powers a stunning defeat.

In 2015, DNC talk of an “inevitable candidate” returned. How little they had learned! 

Previously registered as an Independent, Bernie Sanders almost took over the Democratic Party.

What is going on? Power, influence, and money are no longer the preserve of small groups holding all the clout. 

Despite the influence of Big Money in politics, small donor and supporter acquisition on a massive scale has become the thrilling, determinant electoral force of our times.

Politics is about people - and Care2 has a values-based online community of 40 million of them. 

The speed, scale, and influence of the Care2 community was described as the “secret weapon” behind Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, by Sanders' Digital Director, Kenneth Pennington.

In 2017, Care2 members are more concerned and engaged than at anytime since our founding in 1998. Creating actions, signing petitions and pledges, commenting, and sharing content - the energy is online.

If you work with a liberal, libertarian, progressive, or Democratic campaign, cause, or candidate, recruiting Care2 members can be your secret weapon too.

Ready to build your own list? 
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