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A new partnership between NGP VAN and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is aimed at making the company’s technology platform affordable for Democratic state legislative candidates across the country.

The committee rolled out DLCC Go on Tuesday, which it’s pitching as “a unique suite of integrated and affordable new media, fundraising, and field campaign tools.”

“We’ve been talking to the DLCC for a while about this,” Stu Trevelyan, CEO of NGP VAN, told C&E. “We were able to create some packages and pricing that can work for legislative candidates in states where it’s not easy to raise a whole lot of money.”

According to DLCC Go’s website, packages for campaigns start at $80 a month. Candidates will still have to go through their state party for access to VoteBuilder—the online voter file database—but DLCC Go gives candidates access to NGP VAN’s “Accelerator” tool to build out their website, along with the technology company’s other fundraising and field tools.

“State legislative campaigns can take advantage of DLCC Go to easily publish a professional website, send broadcast emails, manage fundraising online and off, and integrate their website with the VAN field tool most Democratic campaigns use,” according to a joint press release from the DLCC and NGP VAN. 

DLCC Go essentially covers what the committee was offering candidates this past cycle with DLCCWeb—an integrated set of website tools offered through a partnership with Salsa Labs. But the committee is still keeping the DLCCWeb option open to campaigns.