Making for the exit
Poli-tech firms are waiting on a lucrative, Silicon Valley-style exit that could change the industry forever.
Hacking the political mind
To get the most value out of research, we need to think practically and creatively.
Forecasting voter behavior from inside the brain
Neuroimaging gives researchers a look under the hood, but will the technology help campaigns?
Why we need tech to empower our electorate
Brigade Media is working to build the online infrastructure to boost civic participation

Movers & Shakers: Anne Lewis

U.S. Edition by Sean J. Miller / Jul 10 2014

Movers & Shakers: Anne Lewis

Judge OKs digital billboards

Campaign Insider by Anna Foley / Jun 30 2014

Judge OKs digital billboards

Show yourself the money

U.S. Edition by Brandon Lewis / Jun 24 2014

Show yourself the money

How picturing three piles of cash can help boost your campaign's fundraising...  

Report: Democratic campaign spending overlooks minority consultants

Campaign Insider by Marianna Sotomayor / Jun 25 2014

Debunking 3 myths preventing campaigns from embracing digital ads

U.S. Edition by Bryan Gernert / Jul 14 2014

Audience Partners patents what it calls 'holy grail' of political advertising

Campaign Insider by Anna Foley / Jul 02 2014

Advocacy Marketing targets Sacramento firms 

Campaign Insider by Sean J. Miller / Jun 28 2014

Dem Pollster: Unmarried women key for midterms

Campaign Insider by Marianna Sotomayor / Jun 26 2014

Dem Pollster: Unmarried women key for midterms

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