Campaigns & Elections magazine recognized the year's best political and public affairs work at its fourth annual Reed Awards dinner Friday.

Named for C&E founder Stanley Foster Reed, the award recognizes outstanding campaign work in direct mail, online and print advertising, live and automated phones, radio, TV, political technology, and signage and collateral material. 

The full list of 2012 winners:

Automated Phones

Best Automated Phone Call
Thanks Guvnah, Zata|3 Consulting

County, Local or Judicial Candidate
Free After 30 Years, Zata|3 Consulting

Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs Advocacy
Connecticut Democratic Party – Negative Call on Mayor, Winning Connections 

Statewide or State Legislative Candidate
In Granny’s Words, Zata|3 Consulting


Live Phones

Best Live Phone Call
No on 26 – Make a Plan to Vote, Zata|3 Consulting

Best Overall Use of a Telephone Townhall
Wisconsin AFT Tele-Town Hall, Winning Connections

County, Local or Judicial Candidate
Bill John Baker for Chief, Winning Connections

Independent Expenditure or Public Affairs Advocacy
The ONE Campaign’s Voice for the Voiceless, Stones’ Phones

Special Election Campaign
Bill John Baker for Chief, Winning Connections

Statewide and State Legislative Candidate
Steve Doyle for State Assemblyman WI, Winning Connections


Direct Mail

Ballot Initiative Campaign
Thrown Away, axiom strategies
Boots, The Campaign Workshop
Highway 82 “Bus”, Murphy Turner Associates

Best Direct Mail Piece of 2011
Adam’s Story, The Beytin Agency

Best Mail that Never Saw the Light of Day
Wetlands (Louisiana Senate), Pivot Group

Best Non-US Campaign (International)
Don’t Divide Our Nation, Majority Designs

Best Villain
Building a Better Georgia – Sleeping with the Enemy, Mad Dog Mail

Democratic County, Local or Judicial Candidate
Sandi’s Vision, The Beytin Agency
Too Extreme, Kennedy Communications
Ed Lee Campaign, San Francisco Association of REALTORS

Democratic State Legislative Candidate
Lifeline, Kennedy Communications

Independent Expenditure and Issue Advocacy
CWA: If Jane Corwin has her way, Medicare won’t be there for us when we need it, BerlinRosen 
Victory Fund – San Francisco, Mad Dog Mail
Ed Lee Campaign, San Francisco Association of REALTORS 

Republican County, Local or Judicial Candidate
Battaglia – Unemployment, Cold Spark Media
Weed, Chris Russell Consulting
Mountains and Molehills, Majority Designs

Republican State Legislative Candidate
Flag, Chris Russell Consulting
Josh Harkins “Endorsements”, Murphy Turner Associates

Special Election Campaign
Don’t Be Silent, Imprenta Communications Group

Toughest Direct Mail Piece
Richard Mitchell – Issues, Argo Strategies 
Extremist Dick Black, The Chadderdon Group  
Wolcott for Mayor Newspaper, HighGround, Inc.



Best Newspaper Ad of 2011
Cupcake, Truman National Security Project

Local, County or Judicial Ad
Future Express, Rainmaker Inc

Toughest Newspaper Ad
Pebble Lady, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.


Online Advertising

Best Online Targeting
Michele Bachmann Ames Straw Poll Victory, Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli 

Best Use of Display Advertising
Michele Bachmann, Ames Straw Poll Victory, Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli 

Grassroots Mobilization
Sticking it to Rick Scott, BuzzMaker 


Political Technology

Best International Web Video
Virtual Edna Kenny, ElectionMall, Inc.

Best International Website, ElectionMall, Inc.

Best Online Fundraising Tool
Turn Your Fans into Fundraisers, Rally 

Best Use of Application Software
Cyrus, Nasica Consulting Services

Web Video: Ballot Initiative and Independent Expenditure
Tom Morello’s Union Town Video Campaign, Revolution Messaging

Best Spot that Could Never Appear on Our Public Airways
Chicago Federation of Labor – “Enough”, Adelstein | Liston
Welch “Separated at Birth”, BrabenderCox 

Web Video: Candidate
Santorum “Family”, BrabenderCox 
The Donkey Whisperer, Capitol Consulting, Inc. 
Jindal for Governor ‘Oil Spill’, OnMessage Inc. 

Website: Independent Expenditure
GI Joe, Revolution Media and Truman National Security Project

Website: State Legislative and Local Races
Chicago for Rahm Emanuel, Trilogy Interactive

Website: Statewide Race/Congressional (Special)
Dan Forest for Lt. Governor (North Carolina), Red Stampede



Best Radio Ad of 2011
Double Speak Decoder, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
NACS – Defending Swipe Fee Reform: Science Fiction, Penn Schoen Berland and Roy Fletcher

Best Use of Voiceover Talent
What Do We Know, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Toughest Radio Ad
Huge Mistake, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Signage and Collateral Material

Best Collateral Item or Sign
Long Way Down – Union Station, Scott Howell & Company

Billboard/Bus Signs
SEIU California Mobile Billboards, Three Point Media

Most Original/ Innovative Collateral Item
Truthade – The Lie Quencher, Right Angle Consulting

Yard/Outdoor Signs
No on O, Powers Communications, Inc.
Marcellus Good for Us, Rainmaker Inc


Special Categories

Best Bare-Knuckled Street Victory
How We Beat the Governor, the Mayor, and Resurrected a Political Career in Two Months, Bronstein & Weaver, Inc.

Best Campaign Comeback
Ayanna Pressley for Boston, The Campaign Network and CK Strategies

Best Earned Media Around a Single Event
Santorum “Sound of Santorum”, BrabenderCox
Donkey Whisperer, Upstream Communication

Best International Campaign
Working Families/Ontario, Arrow Communications Group and Jackson Media Group
Lulzim Basha for Mayor of Tirana, Albania, The Mellman Group, GMMB, Abe Dyk
Vision Vancouver Civic Election Campaign, Strategic Communications, Inc. 

Best Public Affairs Campaign
Battle for Bristol Bay, Hackney & Hackney, Inc.

Best Use of a Printed Communication
Big Sign Letter, Littlefield & Associates Consulting

Best Use of Email/Viral Marketing
Donkey Whisperer, Upstream Communications

Best Use of Mobile Technology
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Revolution Messaging 

Best Use of New Technology
1st Ever Targeted Twitter Content Analysis, Lake Research Partners

Best Use of Social Networking Technology
America Votes – Ohio Social Networking Campaign, Revolution Messaging 

Best Use of Targeting Technology, Labels & Lists 

Most Daring (and Successful) Tactic
California Shark Fin Ban, Bill Wong LLC

Most Innovative Product of the Year
Turn Your Fans into Fundraisers, Rally 



Ballot Initiative
Building a Better Ohio – “Give”, The Strategy Group for Media 
Cristin, 76 Words 

Best Ad that Never Saw the Light of Day
Building a Better Ohio – “Level”, The Strategy Group for Media

Best Non-US Campaign
Mi meta una mejor Venezuela, Newlink Political
Christy Crunch, NOW Communications Group
Enough Corruption, Sanmartin Group

Best Television Spot of the 2011 Cycle
American Lung Association, “Red Carriage”, GMMB  
Violation, Hackney & Hackney, Inc. 
Restoring America – “Bus”, The Strategy Group for Media

Best Use of Voiceover Talent
GI Joe, Truman National Security Project

Best Villain
Costa Mesa City Council, Three Point Media

Democratic Local, County or Judicial
Jake Zimmerman – Fair, Devine Mulvey 

Democratic Statewide or State Legislative Candidate
Wisconsin Senate Democrats – “I Know Dave”, Adelstein | Liston
Brandon Presley – “Hit Record”, Fletcher Rowley Inc.
Independent Expenditure Campaign
DCCC, “How Will You Pay?”, GMMB 

Most Effective Comparative Television Advertisement
George Barker Radical, Revolution Media 

Republican Local, County or Judicial
Ballard “Sleeves”, BrabenderCox
Curfew, The Casale Group

Republican Statewide or State Legislative
JT Fitch for State Treasurer, Dresner Wickers Barber Sanders 

Special Election Campaign
Capella for Assessor, Buisson Creative 

Toughest Television Advertisement
American Lung Association, “Red Carriage”, GMMB