C&E is and will continue to be a ‘how-to’ journal, bringing you the best in strategies and tactics—what works and what doesn’t, where, why, and under what circumstances.” Those were the words our founder Stanley Foster Reed wrote in his introduction to C&E in Volume 1, No. 1, Spring 1980. This vision is something all C&E readers will identify with, and it’s a vision C&E is returning to.
As you may know, Campaigns & Elections has been purchased by an affiliate company of Biteback Media, which publishes Total Politics magazine in the U.K. Based on my own experience as a subscriber and political consultant for over twenty years, I can tell you that C&E could not be in more capable hands.
But I want you to be the judge of that.
This issue and the June issue will follow the old format. But come the July/August issue, you’ll see what I’m talking about. C&E will be returning to its roots, with bold new editorial driven by the magazine’s founding vision. It’s a vision that established C&E as the go-to magazine for the political campaigns and public affairs industry. And it’s a vision that leapt off the pages of C&E for the vast majority of its thirty-one-year history.
It’s a privilege to be the associate publisher of Campaigns & Elections, particularly at this next stage in the history of a magazine that has had such a profound impact on my own life. Most of all, I look forward to working with our new publisher and chief executive, Shane Greer, and our editor-at-large, Jordan Lieberman, to ensure C&E lives up to the standards our readers expect and our founding vision demands.
Watch this space.
James O’Brien
Associate Publisher