A new Gallup poll shows that conservatives are the single largest ideological group in the country, with 41 percent of Americans identifying themselves as part of the group, almost double the number for liberals. The problem, perhaps, are those pesky moderates, making up 35 percent of response (and maybe the fact that political views aren't so simple as a three-way response). Which is why Dan Balz can pen a column over at the Washington Post highlighting the Republicans' demographic problems.

Of course, there's plenty of time before the next elections, and already Democrats are worrying that the increasing unpopularity of Obama's spending plan will cause problems in 2010. And new contenders—like Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour—will stake out presidential space before 2012. But if another vote were held today, and states voted along their local approval ratings, Obama would do pretty well.

And before we look too far to the future, there are a couple upcoming campaigns to look at. In Virginia, Bob McDonnell has made it sound as if he won't be running on social issues. That won't stop the RNC from doing so, though, and some Virginia bloggers have reported getting abortion-specific polls. The Virginia gubernatorial race may also show the importance of well-updated and accurate Wikipedia pages for candidates who might not be household names. Then there's also the special election battle in NY-23 to replace new Secretary of Army and former-Rep. John McHugh.

Finally, a little fun: Over at the Fix, Cillizza has launched his own political hall of fame. Take a gander at his inaugural class, and then start thinking up who you will nominate for its monthly additions.