Heading into the last pre-primary weekend, every pundit takes their guess at Tuesday's gubernatorial results. Looking at polls, the obvious story is Creigh Deeds' continued surge in the polls; a new Research 2000 poll joins two others in putting the one-time also-ran in first. The numbers for the three candidates are close, though, and there are still a large number of undecideds, so really anyone could win. Though Nate Silver looks at former frontrunner Terry McAuliffe's numbers and is reminded of Howard Dean in the '04 Iowa caucus, where polling understated the extent of his drop-off. McAuliffe did pull in endorsements from two big-name out-of-state governors, but those won't mean much; what might help is when Clinton comes back to town to campaign for his pal.

Politico takes a look at a few races that are interesting for what we don't know about them. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is still talking about running for governor in Texas, but hasn't clarified when she'd step down from the Senate—which is worrisome for the GOP. Next year's U.S. Senate race in Illinois should be entertaining, too, even if we don't know who the players will be. In general, things look good for Democrats, as they show a solid generic ballot lead.

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