Two potential candidates, a Democrat in Connecticut and a Republican in Florida, are exploring challenging more famous foes in 2010 primaries.

Democrat Roger Pearson has formed an exploratory committee for Connecticut Senate seat currently held by Chris Dodd, who trails badly to potential Republican opponents in polls. But Pearson, who supported Ned Lamont in his 2006 battle with Joe Lieberman, may not have the name recognition or political clout to beat Dodd, who retains the support of Democratic leaders in the state. Pearson is a former First Selectman in red-leaning Greenwich.

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In Florida, meanwhile, the Republican primary is looking like a fight between former state House Speaker Marco Rubio and current Gov. Charlie Crist. Though Crist has not declared his candidacy, it's widely assumed he will be running and other Republicans are generally clearing the field. But Crist, who very publicly supported President Obama's stimulus bill in February, faces criticism from within his party. Rubio has been broadcasting his opposition to some of Crist's policies.

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