News outlets are still focused today on Rush Limbaugh's seeming dominance over the Republican Party. Politico reveals that it is a concerted strategy hatched by the White House, given Rush's low popularity with the nation at large. The DCCC is happy to help them along with this online apology generator, and outside groups are running ads playing up his prominence. But Michael Steele's apology—the catalyst for most of these stories—is just one in a series of PR and organizational botches, according to Politico.

Voters (at least a few of them) yesterday elected Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley to fill Rahm Emmanuel's seat in the House.

Politico also notes that Republicans have largely been turning away from their old ally of big business—though big banks, despite all their troubles, are not turning away from politicians.

And another media poll, more happy results for Obama. While the number of Americans who think we're headed the wrong direction still outnumber those thinking we're on track, the latter group has grown substantially.