With Obama set to deliver his first speech to Congress tonight, his support remains high. A trio of polls all show high job approval. Bobby Jindal, who will deliver the Republican response to the address, gets another look by the Post.

Those job approval numbers have survived Obama's nomination woes. After picking former Washington state Gov. Gary Locke as his latest pick for commerce secretary, the President is no doubt hoping to have his cabinet sealed up soon.

The DCCC continues its stimulus-themed assault with a new, "grassroots" tier to their advertising campaign. Mitt Romney is offering money to the beleaguered representatives.

The Daily Beast reveals that Schwarzenegger had considered leaving the GOP, but ultimately decided it was pointless since he was already viewed as independent of his party.

Bill Clinton is raising money for Gillibrand, making official the family's support of his wife's replacement.

Over at ePolitics, Colin Delany begins a six-part series examining Obama's online strategies.

And, finally, HuffPo picks up the whiff of a battle brewing between pollsters Mark Penn and Stan Greenberg. After you read our own Q&A with Greenberg, head over to Pollster.com for the back-and-forth.