The Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine party wrapped up less than two hours ago, as I write this. That's exactly the amount of time that the 2010 campaign has been underway. It may seem silly to open the next season while the Obama victory parties have just started but that is the mood among the most successful political professionals- the ones too busy to celebrate.

Here is my message to every political professional roaming the streets with a beer in one hand and blackberry in the other: sober up... fast.

In the next 729 days, Congressional candidates will spend some $1 billion combined on TV, radio, mail, newspaper advertising, mobile and internet technology and ground organizing.

It is clear from my point of view that the smartest consultants are already plotting. They are meeting with and in some cases recruiting potential candidates and independent expenditure donors. The race has already begun.

For the many demoralized Republican consultants and staffers out there, it is worth remembering that many Democrats elected this year don’t belong in office. They will be the low-hanging fruit to pick off next time. Fret not. There were plenty of morons just elected.

Within the next week, my advice is to first take stock of your capabilities. What can you offer your clients in the next 24 months? Next, who are your clients? Assuming you want more, where are they and how do you find them? Politics magazine offers the Campaign Control candidate lists, or you can also check with your state and county party organization. Finally, what makes you better? What makes you a better political professional than the next guy trying to get through the lean years?

Keep in mind that while most spending on the 2010 campaigns is a long way off, the spending decisions could be just weeks away.