With Democrats looking to pad their congressional majority next month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is significantly outspending its GOP counterpart—the National Republican Congressional Committee.    


A new analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute shows that the DCCC has spent at least $1 million in 19 separate races so far. The NRCC has spent that amount in just one House race this cycle.


The differential comes courtesy of the DCCC’s enormous warchest. In total, the committee has reported more than $42 million in independent spending. The NRCC has spent just over $8 million.


The five races where the DCCC has spent the most…

$1,712,165 (AZ-1): Ann Kirkpatrick (D) vs. Sydney Hay (R)


$1,645,472 (NC-8): Larry Kissell (D) vs. Robert Hayes (R)


$1,533,640 (OH-16): John Boccieri (D) vs. Kirk Schuring (R)


$1,477,434 (AZ-3): Robert Lord (D) vs. John Shadegg (R)


$1,468,058 (MN-3): Ashwin Madia (D) vs. Erik Paulsen (R)

In most races where the DCCC has crossed the million dollar threshold, the NRCC has all but written off the Republican candidate—at least financially. In at least 11 of the competitive races where the DCCC has spent more than $1 million, the NRCC hasn’t given a dime to its party’s candidate.


One case in point is the race for Alaska’s at-large district. The DCCC has spent some $1.1 million supporting Democrat Ethan Berkowitz. Democrats hope Berkowitz can dispose of embattled Republican Don Young.


Young is one of at least 8 potentially vulnerable Republican incumbents who have gotten no help from the NRCC. Longtime Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays, Florida Rep. Tom Feeney and Minnesota Rep. Joseph Knollenberg are three others. All three of their Democratic challengers have been the beneficiary of at least $850,000 in DCCC expenditures.     

Given its limited resources the NRCC is obviously picking its battles carefully. The one race where the NRCC has spent more than $1 million is in Florida’s 21st Congressional District where Republican incumbent Lincoln Diaz-Balart is facing his most serious challenge in years.

The five races where the NRCC has spent the most….


$1,147,795 (FL-21): Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R) vs. Raul Martinez (D)


$825,462 (CO-4): Marilyn Musgrave (R) vs. Elizabeth Markey (D)


$824,254 (OH-1): Steve Chabot (R) vs. Steven Driehaus (D)


$815,147 (MI-7): Tim Walberg (R) vs. Sharon Renier (D)


$598,840 (PA-3): Phil English (R) vs. Kyle Foust (D)

The NRCC has also spent fairly evenly with the DCCC in Colorado’s 4th district where Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave is facing a tough challenge from Democrat Elizabeth Markey.


One spot the DCCC would probably like a refund is Florida’s 16th district where Democrat Tim Mahoney has been marred by revelations of extra-marital affairs. The DCCC has already spent more than $400,000 to help Mahoney keep the seat he won after the Mark Foley scandal in 2006.

Shane D'Aprile is web editor at Politics magazine.