One of the lessons that Republicans and Democrats alike were reminded of in Scott Brown’s surprise victory in the special election in Massachusetts is that campaigns do matter.

While it’s been hard to miss now-Sen. Brown on television since his win, not much has been heard from campaign manager, Beth Lindstrom. She did sit down with Paul Fitzgerald for an interview in her hometown of Groton, Mass. Paul Fitzgerald, the host of GRTC-TV and the chair of the Groton Republican Town Committee, forwarded us clips of the interview, and we’ll pass them on to you.

Below is the first clip, and we'll post more as we get them.

Fitzgerald is also a Partner in, a business that licenses presidential and congressional candidate photos to political campaigns and their advertising teams.

If you’re looking for more on the Massachusetts special, keep an eye out for the April issue of Politics. Our staff writer Jeremy P. Jacobs has written a post-mortem that looks at how and why the Brown campaign was successful--and why Martha Coakley's campaign wasn't.