I am pleased to announce the judges for the 2010 Reed Awards, which honor excellence in political consulting and campaign management.

Judges for this year’s awards include:

  • James Carville
  • Eleanor Clift
  • Adam Conner
  • Ben Dworkin
  • Ron Faucheux
  • Julie Germany
  • Taegan Goddard
  • Peter Greenberger
  • Shane Greer
  • Mike Hennessy
  • David Keene
  • Kevin Madden
  • Mark McKinnon
  • Bernie Morton
  • Terry Nelson
  • Grover Norquist
  • Christine Pelosi
  • Mark Penn
  • James Pindell
  • Tom Rath
  • Larry Sabato
  • Santo Santoro
  • Bill Schneider
  • Con Sciacca
  • Steve Scully
  • Bob Shrum
  • Michael Smerconish
  • Princella Smith
  • George Stephanopoulos
  • Roger Stone
  • Chuck Todd
  • Christine Todd Whitman
  • Robert Traynham
  • Joe Trippi
  • Mike Turk
  • Suzanne Turner
  • Amy Walter
  • Juan Williams
  • Judy Woodruff
The categories for the Reed Awards will be announced via press release next week. Entries for the Reed Awards may be submitted via the Politics magazine website, politicsmagazine.com, beginning on November 6, 2009.

Winners will be announced at the Reed Awards on January 29, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The winners will represent the latest techniques and talent in the business. The awards, named after Politics magazine's founder Stanley Foster Reed, embody his mission to strive for excellence in political campaigning.

Check out the results from the 2009 Reed Awards here.