Now entering its 11th year, Politics Online and the World eDemocracy Forum has announced its 10 most influential people in the world of politics on the Internet. The list of achievers includes international as well as American candidates.

Some of the nominees include Ralph Benko, author of “The *Web*ster’s Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World,” and “Dictionary,” Erick Erickson, CNN commentator and founder of and Colin Delany, host and chief blogger on

The list also includes sites like, a website with proprietary tools for completing the arduous but necessary task of compiling scalable voter and donor lists, and, an activist site that is devoted to increasing awareness on foreign conflicts, poverty and climate change.

Subscribers and visitors help select the top ten individuals having the greatest impact on politics through the Internet. Now that the finalists are secure, political observers are invited to vote on one of the 10 to determine who had the greatest influence over politics on the web.

Go here to check out and vote on the nominees.

The winners will travel to Issy-les-Moulineaux, France where they will be honored and take part in a two-day forum to discuss the future of politics and new media.

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