Michele Bachmann: Bachmann’s focus has largely shifted to Iowa and her South Carolina effort hasn’t been helped by the revolving door that’s characterized her staffing in the state. Has staff on the ground, but no headquarters.

Offices: No headquarters  Paid staff: 12 

Newt Gingrich: Recently scored a win by hiring operative Delinda Ridings away from the Huntsman campaign. And like other early states, his rise in the polls has meant added infrastructure. His home base is also in neighboring Georgia.

Offices: Three  Paid staff: Nine

Jon Huntsman: Made an early play by securing former state GOP Executive Director Joel Sawyer. But he’s recently lost some talent with the defection of staff to Gingrich. He at least has something to build on here if he can manage a solid showing in New Hampshire.

Offices: One  Paid staff: Three, including one consultant

Ron Paul: Paul has a base of support here that was established in 2008 but he hasn’t expanded it. Does have an experienced hand running his operation in Brian Gentry, who was there last time around. 

Offices: At least one  Paid staff: Two to three

Rick Perry: He’s launched an aggressive call program in the state and boasts some experienced staff, including Chris McClure. Also on hand are advisors Walter Whetsell and Katon Dawson. He’s housing his effort in Gov. Nikki Haley’s 2010 campaign office, which some operatives consider a good omen.

Offices: One  Paid staff: 11 and two consultants

Mitt Romney: If Romney’s successful here, it will be without having invested in the traditional grassroots infrastructure. His lean South Carolina campaign does include some skilled local hands, though, in field director Patrick Sebastian and advisor David Raad.

Offices: One  Paid staff: Three

Rick Santorum: Pretty much Santorum’s second home and his brother lives in Hilton Head. He’s also been here more than any other candidate. Among his advisers—former lobbyist Jim Hirni, who spent “hours” in jail for treating Capitol Hill staffers to a World Series game in 2003.

Offices: One  Paid staff: Five