Michele Bachmann: Her scheduling and management style led to clashes with the Granite State team and the entire staff quit en masse in late October. Without a campaign structure, she’s now effectively competing with write-ins in the primary.            

Offices: None  Paid staff: None

Newt Gingrich: Gingrich has expanded his team in New Hampshire at the expense of Bachmann. Jeff Chidester, Bachmann’s former state director, hopped on the Gingrich bandwagon. And given his Union Leader endorsement, Gingrich’s unorthodox campaign is starting to amass some actual ground troops. 

Offices: Three  Paid staff: Eight

Jon Huntsman: The Granite State is Huntsman’s last—and only—stand in 2012. He recently held his 100th event in the state. He has enough of an infrastructure to take advantage if he somehow catches fire. 

Offices: One  Paid staff: 10 to 13 (The state office has more staff, but serves as the campaign’s national HQ.)

Ron Paul: The “Live Free or Die” state is ripe territory for Paul. He’s retained some local talent in the form of consultant Chris Wood, known for maintaining solid relationships with activists. State director Jared Chicoine isn’t as well known, but has been close to the grassroots for almost a decade.  

Offices: At least one  Paid staff: Four to six

Rick Perry: New Hampshire is the home state of top Perry strategist Dave Carney, who’s just part of his robust organization. Perry walked into the state in August with significant fanfare and built a solid organization practically overnight. Unfortunately for him, Perry’s lackluster debate performances helped blunt any initial momentum.

Offices: One  Paid staff: 10

Mitt Romney: This is Romney’s state to lose. He’s maintained a strong organization—and residence—there since 2008 when he finished second. Romney also has one of the state’s top GOP players on his side in the form of Tom Rath. The former state attorney general also advised Romney during his 2008 run. Has the added benefit of bringing in reinforcements from headquarters in nearby Boston.

Offices: One  Paid staff: Nine and one consultant

Rick Santorum: Santorum has been a staple on the small house party circuit and he’s backed up by an experienced staff, notably state-based campaign manager Mike Biundo and field director Nick Pappas. The talent is there, but he has yet to inspire beyond the party’s activist base.

Offices: One  Paid staff: Five