In her new venture, former President Clinton’s first Press Secretary will be deployed to devise competitive communication strategies at the firm.
Chip Smith, The Glover Park Group’s CEO, called Myers “one of the most respected communications strategists today.” “The range of her accomplishments and experience is hard to match, and we are privileged to have her join our team,” he added.
Since leaving the White House in December 1994, Dee Dee Myers has worked as a political analyst, television commentator and writer for a number of publications. She is a Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair, former Los Angeles Bureau Chief and writer for The New York Times and the author of the bestselling book Why Women Should Rule the World. She also served as a technical and storyline consultant to the award-winning NBC series “The West Wing.”
Myers has long been a political consultant and activist. She served as press secretary for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) during her 1990 run for California governor. Myers also worked on the Democratic presidential campaigns of Governor Michael Dukakis and Vice President Walter Mondale. She has also worked for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and California State Senator Art Torres. Myers graduated from Santa Clara University in California in 1983.
The Glover Park Group’s clients include the Alliance for Climate Protection and the United Federation of Teachers as well as corporate clients including Pfizer, Visa and Verizon Wireless.
The firm specializes in public affairs and issues management, but also performs communications services in government affairs, corporate positioning, crisis management, surveys, media relations and policy counseling. GPG also offers traditional advertising, marketing and public relations communications for corporate and non-profit organizations, political campaigns and industry coalitions. GPG has offices in Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles.
C&E caught up with Myers about her new position:
C&E: You have an accomplished career. Which achievement are you most proud of?
Myers: My book [Why Women Should Rule the World] would be that thing, in terms of coming up with an idea, fleshing it out and going out and marketing it. The book became a New York Times best seller, which I am very proud of.
C&E: What is your top goal moving forward at The Glover Park Group?
Myers: Do I have a super-specific goal? This is my 6th day in the office. Generally speaking, I like to focus, not exclusively by any means, on issues that can be helpful to women. I want to be part of this serious team that provides strategic advice and good deliverables to our clients. We do good, honest work here and I think that is the overall culture of The Glover Park Group. There is a lot that I have to learn from the people that are here at every level….Every year, I look forward to adding something challenging and exciting [to my plate] and to do good work. Every year, I look forward to adding something challenging and exciting [to my plate] and to do good work.