In Late January, Colorado Democratic Congressman Jared Polis announced the launch of the Fearless Campaign, a movement that aims to link elected officials with grassroots advocates to transform the country’s approach to a number of policy areas.

Jared Polis

“At its core, the Fearless Campaign is about putting people over politics,” said Polis in a press release announcing the launch. “It’s an opportunity for everyday Americans to transform their country from the inside out.”

Polis, who is in his second term as a U.S. representative, was the first openly gay, non-incumbent man to be elected to Congress. Before entering politics, he was a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The positions staked out by the Fearless Campaign include support for net neutrality, decriminalization of marijuana and increased rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. It will also focus on immigration, education and food policy.