As of the last day of 2010, two major campaign software firms—NGP Software and Voter Action Network (VAN)—have merged to form NGP VAN. NGP Software provided software to campaigns to facilitate fund-raising and compliance, while VAN’s software managed voter outreach and volunteer organization.

“This is sort of a peanut-butter-meet-chocolate opportunity for clients to work with one vendor to fill all of their technology needs in one place,” says Stu Trevelyan, CEO of NGP VAN and former CEO of NGP Software. “NGP VAN is now able to provide a seamless platform that allows campaigns to do their fund-raising, field and new media in an integrated way.”

NGP VAN is a merger of equals, and the new company plans to maintain two major centers of operation—one in Washington, D.C., where NGP Software was based, and one in Somerville, Massachusetts, where VAN was based.