Veteran Democratic campaign operatives Martha McKenna and Jennifer Pihlaja have joined forces to launch an eponymous consulting firm, McKenna-Pihlaja. The firm will focus on producing television and Web ads whose messages are seamlessly integrated, but will also be involved in charting broader campaign messaging and strategy.

“Voters are increasingly seeking out information online, and it’s very important for the online operation to be completely connected with other elements of the campaign,” says McKenna. “What is different about us is we are leaning into the changes that are happening in the way voters receive information.” McKenna was political director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the last two election cycles, while Pihlaja held the same position with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2010 after serving as Midwest political director in 2008. The two met while working at EMILY’s List. Each has managed campaigns, and combined they have worked with candidates in all fifty states.
Having been intimately involved with Democratic campaigns during a period of ascendance followed by one of disappointment, the firm’s founders are convinced of the importance of developing a sharp message and delivering it in a targeted and effective way. “In our heart of hearts we believe that campaigns really do matter,” says McKenna. “We intend to do cutting-edge media that will really grab voters’ attention and provide them with the information that we think is most important for winning campaigns.”