THE LIST: Our Annual Consultant Scorecard (Fr – K)
W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
W/W = Won a competitive primary and the general election
W/L = Won a competitive primary, but lost the general election
W/W/W = Won a primary, a run-off and the general election
Wp or Lp = Won or lost the primary
RO = Run-off, election hadn’t taken place by press time
TC = Race was too close to call as of press time
I-E = Client was an independent expenditure or issue advocacy effort
that was not, or may not have been, affiliated with any candidate
Ws or Ls = Won or lost special election
(in) = Incumbent
(open) = Race was for an open seat
FrederickPolls/D - Polling
Charlie Crist (open), FL, U.S. Sen. L
Ed Perlmutter (in), CO, H07 W
Tim Cahill, MA, Gov. L
Eliot Cutler, ME, Gov. L
Front Porch Strategies/R - Telephone Contact Services
Jim DeMint, SC, U.S. Sen. W
Linda McMahon, CT, U.S. Sen. L
Rob Portman, OH, U.S. Sen. W
Dave Argall, PA, H17 L
Steve Austria, OH, H07 W
John Boehner, OH, H08 W
Scott Bruun, OR, H05 L
Tim Burns, PA, H12 L
Donna Campbell, TX, H25 L
Steve Chabot, OH, H01 W
Doug Cloud, WA, H06 L
Blake Farenthold, TX, H27 W
Michael Grimm, NY, H13 W
Rich Iott, OH, H09 L
Mike Kelly, PA, H03 W
John Koster, WA, H02 L
Bob Latta, OH, H05 W
Jason Levesque, ME, H02 L
Patrick Murray, VA, H08 L
Star Parker, CA, H37 L
Scott Rigell, VA, H02 W
Steve Stivers, OH, H15 W
Glenn Thompson, PA, H05 W
Pat Tiberi, OH, H12 W
Jacob Turk, MO, H05 L
Tom Foley, CT, Gov. L
John Stephen, NH, Gov. L
Ken Miller, OK, State Treasurer W
Dave Yost, OH, State Auditor W
Cliff Aldridge, OK, state Sen. W
Mark Allen, OK, state Sen. W
Rick Brinkley, OK, state Sen. W
CB Daughtridge, NC, state Sen. L
Kim David, OK, state Sen. W
Eddie Fields, OK, state Sen. W
David Holt, OK, state Sen. W
Rob Johnson, OK, state Sen. W
Jonathan Nichols, OK, state Sen. W
Sharon Parker, OK, state Sen. L
Frank Simpson, OK, state Sen. W
Jose Aliseda, TX, state Rep. W
Brian Bingman, OK, state Rep. W
Dennis Casey, OK, state Rep. W
Ann Coody, OK, state Rep. W
Cliff Courtney, WA, state Rep. TC
Rex Duncan, OK, state Rep. W
Matt Gabler, PA, state Rep. W
Joyce Haas, OK, state Rep. L
Gayle Harrell, FL, state Rep. W
Greg Hastings, DE, state Rep. L
Jeff Hickman, OK, state Rep. W
Charlie Joyner, OK, state Rep. W
Marc Lombardo, MA, state Rep. W
Steve Martin, OK, state Rep. W
Roger Mattox, OK, state Rep. L
Skye McNiel, OK, state Rep. W
Patricia Morgan, RI, state Rep. W
Glen Mulready, OK, state Rep. W
Myron Neth, MO, state Rep. W
Tom Newell, OK, state Rep. W
Jim Nielson, UT, state Rep. W
Jadine Nollan, OK, state Rep. W
Marty Quinn, OK, state Rep. W
Phil Richardson, OK, state Rep. W
Daryl Schaffer, PA, state Rep. L
Ryan Smith, OK, state Rep. L
Jim Stanton, MA, state Rep. L
Aaron Stiles, OK, state Rep. W
Dan Sullivan, OK, state Rep. W
Randy Terrill, OK, state Rep. W
Sue Tibbs, OK, state Rep. W
Steve Vaughn, OK, state Rep. W
James White, TX, state Rep. W
Bill Zedler, TX, state Rep. W
Jason Stephen, OH, Lawrence Co. Auditor W
Matt Damschroder, OH, Sandusky Co. Commissioner W
Matt Dedden, KY, Boone Co. Commissioner W
Mike Halleck, OH, Columbiana Co. Commissioner W
Diana Kennon, OH, Belmont Co. Commissioner L
Jarvis McLamb, NC, Board of Commissioners W
Jeff Ohler, OH, Carroll Co. Commissioner W
Jim Porter, OH, Muskingum Co. Commissioner W
Jeremy Shaffer, OH, Highland Co. Commissioner W
John Smaligo, OK, Tulsa Co. Commissioner W
Rusty Sullivan, OK, Cleveland Co. Commissioner W
Wade Birdwell, TX, District Court Judge W
Rick Brueggemann, KY, District Court Judge L
Greg Dixon, OK, District Judge W
John Kolesar, OH, Sandusky Co. Judge W
Jason Hicks, OK, District Att. W
Anna Jimenez, TX, Nueces Co. District Att. L
Patrick Flannery, KY, Carter Co. Att. L
Kenny Brown, KY, Boone Co. Clerk of Courts W
Brent Chesney, TX, Nueces Co. Court at Law W
Randy Jotte, MO, St. Louis Co. Council L
Kurt Maddox, AR, Rogers City Mayor RO
Leetonia School Levy, OH W
Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee for: I-E
Marlene Anielski, OH, state Rep. W
Nan Baker, OH, state Rep. W
Terry Boose, OH, state Rep. W
Rae Lynn Brady, OH, state Rep. L
Matt Carle, OH, state Rep. L
Rex Damschroder, OH, state Rep. W
Mike Dovilla, OH, state Rep. W
Mike Duffey, OH, state Rep. W
Dave Fiebig, OH, state Rep. L
Anne Gonzales, OH, state Rep. W
Bill Hayes, OH, state Rep. W
Michael Henne, OH, state Rep. W
Mike Hunter, OH, state Rep. L
Terry Johnson, OH, state Rep. W
Jeff Krabill, OH, state Rep. L
Al Landis, OH, state Rep. W
Ross McGregor, OH, state Rep. W
Todd McKenney, OH, state Rep. W
Craig Newbold, OH, state Rep. W
David Nitzsche, OH, state Rep. L
Mike Pestian, OH, state Rep. L
Bob Peterson, OH, state Rep. W
Angel Rhodes, OH, state Rep. L
Tina Roegner, OH, state Rep. W
Mike Robison, OH, state Rep. L
Cliff Rosenberger, OH, state Rep. W
Kirk Schuring, OH, state Rep. W
Barbara Sears, OH, state Rep. W
Lynn Slaby, OH, state Rep. W
Todd Snitchler, OH, state Rep. W
Andy Thompson, OH, state Rep. W
Mike Wilson, OH, state Rep. TC
Ron Young, OH, state Rep. W
Gail Garbrandt/D - General/Fundraising
Frank C. Comunale, OH, state Sen. L
Gateway Media/R - Television
Jim Huffman, OR, U.S. Sen. L
Sandy Adams, FL, H24 W
Brian Bilbray (in), CA, H50 W
Fred Upton (in), MI, H06 W
No on Proposition 19, CA W
No on Proposition 24, CA W
Yes on Proposition 23, CA L
Golden State Leadership Council, CA, No on Proposition 25 L
Gillen Political Strategies/R - General Consulting
Dr. John Zerwas (in), TX, state Rep. W
Glazer & Associates/D -
General Consulting, Campaign Manager
Jerry Brown (open), CA, Gov. W
Global Strategy Group/D - Polling
Kirsten Gillibrand (in), NY, U.S. Sen. W
Joe Manchin (open), WV, U.S. Sen. W
Arlen Specter (in), PA, U.S. Sen. Lp
Gary Ackerman (in), NY, H05 W
Rob Andrews (in), NJ, H01 W
Michael Arcuri (in), NY, H24 L
Tim Bishop (in), NY, H01 TC
John Callahan, PA, H15 L
John Carney (open), DE, HA-L W
Mark Critz (open/in), PA, H12 Ws/W
Joe Crowley (in), NY, H07 W
Bob Filner (in), CA, H51 W
Bill Foster (in), IL, H14 L
John Hall (in), NY, H19 L
Phil Hare (in), IL, H17 L
Scott Harper, IL, H13 L
Steve Israel (in), NY, H02 W
Nita Lowey (in), NY, H18 W
Carolyn McCarthy (in), NY, H04 W
Michael McMahon (in), NY, H13 L
Patrick Murphy (in), PA, H08 L
Scott Murphy (in), NY, H20 L
Bill Owens (in), NY, H23 W
Collin Peterson (in), MN, H07 W
Linda Sanchez (in), CA, H39 W
Loretta Sanchez (in), CA, H47 W
Carol Shea-Porter (in), NH, H01 L
Tommy Sowers, MO, H08 L
John Tierney (in), MA, H06 W
Paul Tonko (in), NY, H21 W
Chet Culver (in), IA, Gov. L
Mark Dayton (open), MN, Gov. Wp/TC
Dan Hynes, IL, Gov. Lp
Dan Malloy (open), CT, Gov. Wp/W
Vincent Sheheen (open), SC, Gov. Wp/L
Chris Kelly (open), CA, Att. General Lp
Peter Kilmartin (open), RI, Att. General W
Kathleen Rice (open), NY, Att. General Lp
Susan Montee (in), MO, State Auditor L
Craig Johnson (in), NY, state Sen. TC
Jonathan Bing (in), NY, state Rep. W
Joseph DiVencenzo (in), NJ, Essex Co. Exec. W
Democratic Attorneys General Assocation –
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee –
Democratic Governors Association –
Mayors Against Illegal Guns –
New Jersey State Sen. Democrats –
New York State Democratic Sen. Campaign Committee –
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee –
Goddard Clausen Public Affairs/N -
Campaign Management
Yes on 20, CA W
No on 25, CA L
Yes on 26, CA W
No on 27, CA W
Yes on Amendment 2, GA L
Gold Communications/D - Direct Mail
Lloyd Doggett (in), TX, H25 W
Betty McCollum (in), TX, H04 W
Harry Teague (in), NM, H02 L
Matt Entenza (open), MN, Gov. Lp
Brian Egolf (in), NM, state Rep. W
Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles (in), TX, state Rep. L
Adam Ravenstahl (open) PA, state Rep. W
Pam Snyder, PA, state Rep. L
Michelle Lujan Grisham (open), NM, Bernalillo Co. Commission W
Jason Sandel (in), NM, Farmington City Council W
Citizens for a Better St. Louis for: I-E
Yes on Proposition A, MO, St. Louis Co. (metro tax) W
Coalition for a Better DC Against Mayor Adrian Fenty W
Colorado Conservation Victory Fund –
Democratic Governors Association –
Majority Action PAC –
MN DFL House Caucus for: I-E
David Bly (in), MN, state Rep. TC
Julie Bunn (in), MN, state Rep. L
Al Doty (in), MN, state Rep. L
Tim Faust (in), MN, state Rep. L
Paul Gardner (in), MN, state Rep. L
Kory Kath (in), MN, state Rep. W
Gail Kulick Jackson (in), MN, state Rep. L
Carol Lewis (open), MN, state Rep. TC
Sandra Masin (in), MN, state Rep. L
Mick McGuire (open), MN, state Rep. L
Will Morgan (in), MN, state Rep. L
Jerry Newton (in), MN, state Rep. L
Kim Norton (in), MN, state Rep. W
Mike Obermueller (in), MN, state Rep. L
Dave Olin (in), MN, state Rep. L
John Persell (in), MN, state Rep. W
Jen Peterson (open), MN, state Rep. L
Paul Rosenthal (in), MN, state Rep. L
Maria Ruud (in), MN, state Rep. L
Kevin Staunton, MN, state Rep. L
Phil Sterner (in), MN, state Rep. L
Marsha Swails (in), MN, state Rep. L
Ted Winter (open), MN, state Rep. L
Andy Welti (in), MN, state Rep. L
Jamie Dorris, TX, state Rep. L
Carol Kent (in), TX, state Rep. L
Robert Miklos (in), TX, state Rep. L
Paula Pierson (in), TX, state Rep. L
Chris Turner (in), TX, state Rep. L
John Wellick, TX, state Rep. L
Progressive Future –
Slay for Mayor for: I-E
Jane Schweitzer for Circuit Clerk, MO W
Goliath Slayer Communications/R - General Consultant
Jon Zahm, IL, Henry Co. Board W
Building A Better Batavia, IL, Vote YES on
Park District Referendum L
Vote NO Kilbride Oppose Supreme Court
Judicial Retention, IL L
Illinois House Republican Organization –
Got-Focus LLC/R - Public Opinion Research/Polling
Brett Guthrie (in), KY, H02 W
Daviess County Republican Party for: I-E
Al Mattingly, KY, Judge Exec. W
Todd P’Pool, KY, Judge Exec. W
Republican Party of Kentucky for: I-E
Ralph Alvarado, KY state Sen. L
Joe Bowen, KY, state Sen. W
Jared Carpenter (open), KY, state Sen. W
Jack Ditty, KY, state Sen. L
Paul Hornback (open), KY, state Sen. W
Alice Forgy Kerr (in), KY, state Sen. W
Dan ‘Malano’ Seum (in), KY, state Sen. W
Brandon Smith (in), KY, state Sen. W
Katie Stine (in), KY, state Sen. W
Elizabeth Tori (in), KY, state Sen. L
Ed Whitfield, KY, state Sen. L
Mike Wilson, KY, state Sen. W
Grassroots Solutions/D - Grassroots
Russ Carnahan (in), MO, H03 W
Charlie Dooley (in), MO, St. Louis Co. Exec. W
Blue Green Alliance for: I-E
John Boccieri (in), OH, H16 L
Betty Sutton (in), OH, H13 W
AFSCME for Texas State Legislature –
John Eaves (in), GA, Fulton Co. Chair W
America’s Families First Action Fund for: I-E
Tom Perriello (in), VA, H05 L
Kansas Democratic Party –
Kansas House Democratic Caucus –
Maine Women Vote!, a project of EMILY’s List, ME –
The Neighborhood Project for Colorado State
Senate and House –
Ohio Democratic Party –
Ohio Education Association for: I-E
Ted Strickland (in), OH, Gov. L
Oklahoma Education Association for: I-E
Yes on 744, OK L
The Sunflower Foundation on behalf the Kansas
Mental Health Coalition for: I-E
Question 2, KS, Constitutional Amendment W
GreenDog Campaigns/N -
General, Direct Mail, Strategy
Clint Curtis, CA, H04 L
Susan Adams (in), CA, Marin Co. Supervisor W/W
Richard Benson (open), CA, Marin Co. Assessor W
Linda Handy (in), CA, Peralta Community College
District Trustee W
Bill Riley (in), CA, Peralta Community College District Trustee W
Grove Insight/D - Polling
Roxanne Conlin, IA, U.S. Sen. L
Ron Wyden (in), OR, U.S. Sen. W
Ami Bera, CA, H03 L
Susan Davis (in), CA, H53 W
Peter DeFazio (in), OR, H04 W
Raul Grijalva (in), AZ, H07 W
Jon Hulburd (open), AZ, H03 L
Ron Kind (in), WI, H03 W
David Wu (in), OR, H01 W
No on Measure 75, OR W
No on M26-108, OR, City of Portland W
Yes on M26-117, OR, City of Portland W
Yes on M26-114, OR, Multnomah County W
Yes on M31-75, OR, Union County L
No on Measure 1100, WA W
No on Measure 1105, WA W
Alliance for a Better Minnesota for: I-E
Mark Dayton (open), MN, Gov. TC
Arizona Democratic Legislative Caucus –
Arizona Democratic Party for: I-E
Andrei Cherny (open), AZ, Treasurer L
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for: I-E
John Callahan, PA, H15 L
John Carney (open), DE, HA-L W
Ben Chandler (in), KY, H06 W
Mark Critz (in), PA, H12 W
Gabrielle Giffords (in), AZ, H08 W
Paul Kanjorski (in), PA, H11 L
Rick Larsen (in), WA, H02 W
Bryan Lentz (in), PA, H07 L
Jim Marshall (in), GA, H08 L
Mike McIntyre (in), NC, H07 W
Jerry McNerney (in), CA, H11 TC
Scott Murphy (in), NY, H20 L
Ciro Rodriguez (in), TX, H23 L
Kurt Schrader (in), OR, H05 W
Emily’s List for: I-E
Barbara Boxer (in), CA, U.S. Sen. W
Patty Murray (in), WA, U.S. Sen. W
Project New West for: I-E
Betty Sutton (in), OH, H13 W
Diane Denish (open), NM, Gov. L
Stan Olsen, ID, State Superintendent L
Service Employees International for: I-E
Virg Bernero (open), MI, Gov. L
Grunwald Communications/D - Media Consulting
Dick Blumenthal (open), CT, U.S. Sen. W
Barbara Mikulski (in), MD, U.S. Sen. W
David Cicilline (open), RI, H01 W/W
John Lynch (in), NH, Gov. W/W
Democratic Governors Association for: I-E
Libby Mitchell, ME, Gov. L
Peter Shumlin, VT, Gov. W
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for: I-E
Michael Bennet, CO, U.S. Sen. W
The Guice Agency/N - Media Consulting
Jennifer Schloegel (open), MS, Chancery Court Judge W
Hamilton Campaigns/D - Opposition Research
Ted Deutch, FL, H19 W
Raj Goyle (open), KS, H04 L
Bill Keating, MA, H10 L
Suzanne Kosmas (in), FL H24 L
Stephene Moore (open), KS, H03 L
Mike Oliverio (open), WV, H01 L
Ravi Sangisetty (open), LA, H03 L
Roy Barnes (open), GA, Gov. L
Tom Holland (open), KS, Gov. L
Alex Sink (open), FL, Gov. L
Bill White, TX, Gov. L
Ashley Cooper (open), SC, Lt. Gov. L
Loranne Ausley (open), FL, CFO L
Steve Six (in), KS, Att. General L
Charlie Dooley (in), MO, Co. Executive W
Indiana Democratic House Caucus –
Kansas House Democratic Caucus –
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for: I-E
Kendrick Meek (open), FL, U.S. Sen. L
Hamilton Campaigns/D - Polling
Ted Deutch (in), FL, H19 W
Suzanne Kosmas (in), FL, H24 L
Mike Oliverio (open), WV, H01 L
Joe Piccillio (open), FL, H05 L
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (in), FL, H20 W
Harry Teague (in), NM, H02 L
Roy Barnes (open), GA, Gov. L
Alex Sink (open), FL, Gov. L
Ashley Cooper (open), SC, Lt. Gov. L
Kenneth Corn (open), OK, Lt. Gov. L
Loranne Ausley (open), FL, CFO L
Robert Barber, SC, Comptroller L
Charlie Dooley (in), MO, Co. Executive W
Ken Keechl (in), FL, Broward Co. Commissioner L
Fair Districts Florida, FL, Amendments 5 & 6 W
Moving Hillsborough Forward, Transportation Initiative L
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for: I-E
Richard Blumenthal (open), CT, U.S. Sen. W
Chris Coons (open), DE, U.S. Sen. W
Kendrick Meek (open), FL, U.S. Sen. L
Indiana House Democratic Caucus –
Hammond & Associates/R - PAC Fundraising
Sharron Angle, NV, U.S. Sen. L
Todd Akin (in), MO, H02 W
Justin Bernier, CT, H05 L
Jo Bonner (in), AL, H01 W
Jeff Denham (open), CA, H19 W
Jack Goodman, MO, H07 L
Pamela Gorman, AZ, H03 L
Paul Gosar, AZ, H01 W
Lee Hawkins (open) GA, H09 L
Doug Hoffman, NY, H23 L
Darrell Issa (in), CA, H49 W
Jim Jordan (in), OH, H04 W
Dick Kelsey (open), KS, H01 L
Don Manzullo (in), IL, H16 W
Tom Marino, PA, H10 W
Quang Pham, CA, H47 L
Bill Posey (in), FL, H15 W
David Schweikert, AZ, H05 W
Tim Walberg, MI, H07 W
Rob Wittman (in), VA, H01 W
Brad Zaun, IA, H03 L
Hickman Analytics, Inc/D -
Polling/Research, General Consulting
Roy Herron (open), TN, H08 L
Dutch Ruppersberger (in), MD, H02 W
Tom White, NE, H02 L
Mike Beebe (in), AR, Gov. W
Jim Folsom, Jr (in) AL, Lt. Gov. L
Ken Hodges (open), GA, Att. General L
Matthew Richardson (open), SC, Att. General L
Barbara Garrity-Blake, NC, state Sen. L
Frank Holleman (open), SC, Supt. of Education L
Kevin Kamenetz (open), MD, Baltimore Co. Exec. W
HSG Campaigns/D - Direct Mail
Steve Kagen (in), WI, H08 L
Tom Nelson, WI, Lt. Gov. L
Joel Judd (open) CO, state Sen. L
Marcus Brandon, NC, state Rep. W
John Burros, IL, state Rep. L
Jennifer Coken (open), CO, state Rep. L
Daniel Kagan (in.) CO, state Rep. W
Tom Michalski, WI, state Rep. L
Brian O’Donnell (open), CO, state Rep. L
Mark Thrun (open), CO, state Rep. L
Nikiya Harris (open), WI, Co. Supervisor W
Chris Moews, WI, Milwaukee Co. Sheriff L
Citizens for a Progressive Wisconsin for: I-E
Chris Larson, WI, state Sen. W
Democracia USA (c4) –
Gwen Moore, WI, state Rep. W
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters (IE) –
Wisconsin State AFL-CIO –
HSP Direct/R - Direct Mail Fundraising,
Online Fundraising
Joe Miller, AK, U.S. Sen. TC
Pat Toomey (open), PA, U.S. Sen. W
Dan Burton (in), IN, H05 W
Star Parker, CA, H37 L
Van Tran, CA, H47 L
Rick Santorum’s America’s Foundation PAC –
SarahPAC –
Impact Politics/D - Online Campaigning/Fundraising,
General and Media Consulting
Marleine Bastien (open), FL, H17 L
Ted Deutch (open), FL, H19 W
Alan Grayson, FL, H08 L
Bill Hedrick, CA, H44 L
Ron Klein (in), FL, H22 L
Marcy Winograd, CA, H36 L
Farouk Shami (open), TX, Gov. L
Anthony Williams (open), PA, Gov. L
Kevin Rader (open), FL, state Sen. L
Nan Rich (in), FL, state Sen. W
Kelly Skidmore, FL, state Sen. L
Lori Berman (open), FL, state Rep. W
Steve Geller, FL, Broward Co. Commission L
Laurie Rich Levinson, FL, Broward Co. School Board W
Innovative Advertsing/R -
Media, Direct Mail, General Consulting
Steven Palazzo, MS, H04 W
David Dewhurst (in), TX, Lt. Gov. W
Jim Davis, NC, state Sen. W
Wade Fowler, NC, state Sen. L
Rick Gunn, NC, state Sen. W
Ralph Hise, NC, state Sen. W
Wesley Meredith, NC, state Sen. W
Buck Newton, NC, state Sen. W
Louis Pate, NC, state Sen. W
Dan Soucek, NC, state Sen. W
North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus –
Republican Party Of Louisiana - Victory 2010 –
IWS/R - General Consulting, Interactive, Direct Mail
Eric Cantor (in), VA, H07 W
Paul Gosar, AZ, H01 W
Jan Brewer, AZ, Gov. W
Mary Fallin (open), OK, Gov. W
Ken Bennett (in), AZ, Sec. of State W
No 302, AZ, Statewide Initiative W
Yes on 100, AZ, statewide election Ws
Keep the Cubs - Yes on 400, Mesa, AZ W
James R. Foster & Associates, Inc./R - Direct Mail
Dino Rossi, WA, U.S. Sen. L
Jeff Flake, AZ, H06 W
Jaime Herrera, WA, H03 W
Kristi Noem, SD, HA-L W
Ben Quayle, AZ, H03 W
Kirk Adams, AZ, state Rep. W
Dean Cannon, FL, state Rep. W
Matt Hudson, FL, state Rep. W
Bill Proctor, FL, state Rep. W
Dana Young, FL, state Rep. W
Club for Growth for: I-E
Stephen Fincher, TN, H08 W
David Harmer, CA, H11 L
Andy Harris, MD, H01 W
Nan Hayworth, NY, H19 W
Jesse Kelly, AZ, H08 L
Mick Mulvaney, SC, H05 W
Keith Rothfus, PA, H04 L
Dave Schweikert, AZ, H05 W
Todd Young, IN, H09 W
Susan B. Anthony List for: I-E
Sandy Adams, FL, H24 W
Jonathan Barela, NM, H01 L
Lou Barletta, PA, H11 W
Michael Berryhill, CA, H18 L
Sean Bielat, MA, H04 L
Ann Marie Buerkle, NY, H25 W
Quico Canseco, TX, H23 W
Steve Chabot, OH, H01 W
Chip Cravaack, MN, H08 W
Renee Ellmers, NC, H02 W
Keith Fimian, VA, H11 L
Michael Fitzpatrick, PA, H08 W
Tom Ganley, OH, H13 L
Paul Gosar, AZ, H01 W
Frank Guinta, NH, H01 W
David Harmer, CA, H11 TC
Joe Heck, NV, H03 W
Randy Hultgren, IL, H14 W
Rich Iott, OH, H09 L
Dan Kapanke, WI, H03 L
Jesse Kelly, AZ, H08 L
Mike Kelly, PA, H03 W
Mike Keown, GA, H02 L
Adam Kinzinger, IL, H11 W
John Koster, WA, H02 L
Thomas Marino, PA, H10 W
Ed Martin, MO, H03 L
Elliott Maynard, WV, H03 L
Ruth McClung, AZ, H07 L
Mick Mulvaney, SC, H05 W
Dick Muri, WA, H09 L
Jim Renacci, OH, H16 W
Reid Ribble, WI, H08 W
Bobby Schilling, IL, H17 W
Dave Schweikert, AZ, H05 W
Steve Southerland, FL, H02 W
Scott Tipton, CO, H03 W
Van Tran, CA, H47 L
Jackie Walorski, IN, H02 L
Tim Walberg, MI, H07 W
Allen West, FL, H22 W
Todd Young, IN, H09 W
Partnership for Florida’s Future, Inc.
(Florida Chamber of Commerce) for: I-E
Pam Bondi, FL, Att. General W
Arizonans for a Sound Economy for: I-E
David Schapira, AZ, state Sen. W
Nancy Young Wright, AZ, state Rep. L
Kimberly Yee, AZ, state Rep. W
Citizens for Economic Prosperity for: I-E
Kate Brophy McGee, AZ, state Rep. W
Arizona Free Enterprise Club for: I-E
Terri Proud, AZ, state Rep. W
Save Our Jobs! for: I-E
Terri Proud, AZ, state Rep. W
Jennie Blackton/D - Communications, Writing,
Producing Ads and Buying Media
Association of State Democratic Chairs –
JKW Political Consulting/D - General Consulting
Larry Bedard (in), CA, Marin Healthcare District W
Jamie Clever (in), CA, Marin Healthcare District W
Jennifer Rienks (in), CA, Marin Healthcare District W
No on K, CA, San Francisco W
D10 Forward, CA, San Francisco W
John Watts-Veritas Advisors/R - Voter Targeting,
Direct Mail, Print Ads, Signs
Butch Otter (in), ID, Gov. W
Dean Cameron (in) ID, state Sen. W
Mitch Toryanski (open), ID, state Sen. W
Maxine Bell (in) ID, state Rep. W
Jim Morland (open) ID, state Rep. L
Bert Stevenson (in) ID, state Rep. W
Fred Wood (in) ID, state Rep. W
Donna Jones (in) ID, State Controller W
Tom Luna (in), ID, Supt. of Public Schools W
LeRoy Craig (in), ID, Trustee College of Southern Idaho L
Charles Lehrman (in), ID, Trustee College of Southern Idaho L
Josh Nanberg/D - General Consulting
John Toth, PA, state Rep. L
Kimberly A. Morewood Consulting/R -
Political Consulting
Jean Craige Pepper (open), PA, Lt. Gov. L