THE LIST: Our Annual Consultant Scorecard (W - X)
W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
W/W = Won a competitive primary and the general election
W/L = Won a competitive primary, but lost the general election
W/W/W = Won a primary, a run-off and the general election
Wp or Lp = Won or lost the primary
RO = Run-off, election hadn’t taken place by press time
TC = Race was too close to call as of press time
I-E = Client was an independent expenditure or issue advocacy effort
that was not, or may not have been, affiliated with any candidate
Ws or Ls = Won or lost special election
(in) = Incumbent
(open) = Race was for an open seat
Wilson Grand Communications/R - Media
John Hoeven (open), ND, U.S. Sen. W
Joe Miller, AK, U.S. Sen. TC
Paul Ryan (in), WI, H01 W
Aaron Schock (in), IL, H18 W
Sam Brownback (open), KS, Gov. W
Dennis Daugaard (open), SD, Gov. W
Derek Schmidt, KS, Att. General W
Dan Rutherford (open), IL, State Treasurer W
Mike Unes, IL, state Rep. W
Ohio State Sen. Republican Caucus - all races –
Illinois State Sen. Republican Caucus - all races –
American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS for: I-E
Sharron Angle, NV, U.S. Sen. L
Rand Paul (open), KY, U.S. Sen. W
Dan Lungren (in), CA, H03 W
Wilson Research Strategies/R - Polling
Jim Bender (open), NH, U.S. Sen. Lp
J.D. Hayworth, AZ, U.S. Sen. Lp
Mike Lee (open), UT, U.S. Sen. W/W
Peter Schiff (open), CT, U.S. Sen. Lp
Danny Tarkanian, NV, U.S. Sen. Lp
Tom Weins, CO, U.S. Sen. Lp
Jim Barnett (open), KS, H01 Lp
Stephen Broden, TX, H30 W/L
Jeff Denham, CA, H19 W/W
John Dennis, CA, H08 Wp/L
Sheldon Fisher, AK, HA-L Lp
Chuck Fleischmann (open), TN, H03 W/W
Trent Franks (in), AZ, H02 W/W
Jim Gerlach (in), PA, H06 W/W
Sam Graves (in), MO, H06 W
David Harmer, CA, H10 Wp/TC
Wink Hartman (open), KS, H04 Lp
Vicky Hartzler, MO, H04 W/W
Sydney Hay, AZ, H01 Lp
Joe Heck, NV, H03 W/W
Tom Herrmann, CT, H04 Lp
Bill Hudak, MA, H06 W/L
Duncan D. Hunter (in), CA, H52 W/W
Darrell Issa (in), CA, H49 W/W
Wayne Kuipers (open), MI, H02 Lp
Raul Labrador, ID, H01 W/W
Richard Lake, CA, H20 Lp
Jason Levesque, ME, H02 W/L
Charles Lollar, MD, H05 W/L
Tom Lucero, CO, H04 Lp
Dan Lungren (in), CA, H03 W/W
Sean Mahoney (open), NH, H01 Lp
Michael McCaul (in), TX, H10 W/W
Sam Meas, MA, H05 Lp
Gary Nodler (open), KS, H03 Lp
Mike Pence (in), IN, H06 W
George Phillips, NY, H22 W/L
Morgan Philpot, UT, H02 W/L
Richard Pombo (open), CA, H19 Lp
Reed Ribble, WI, H08 W/W
Art Robinson, OR, H04 W/L
Pete Roskam (in), IL, H06 W
Mike Sodrel, IN, H09 Lp
Bill Stouffer, MO, H04 Lp
Steve Tarvin, GA, H09 Lp
Van Tran, CA, H47 W/L
Glen Urquhart (open), DE, HA-L W/L
Laurence Verga, VA, H05 Lp
Allen West, FL, H22 W/W
Steve Womack (open), AR, H03 W/W
Kevin Yoder (open), KS, H03 W/W
Andrew Andrzejewski, IL, Gov. Lp
Charlie Baker, MA, Gov. W/L
Robert Bentley (open), AL, Gov. W/W
Sam Brownback (open), KS, Gov. W/W
Jim Gerlach (open), PA, Gov. W/L
Dean Martin, AZ, Gov. W/W
Scott McInnis (open), CO, Gov. Lp
John Oxindine (open), GA, Gov. Lp
Bruce Poliquin (open), ME, Gov. Lp
Jay Dardenne (open), LA, Lt. Gov. W
David Dewhurst (in), TX, Lt. Gov. W
Brian Krolicki, NV, Lt. Gov. W/W
Kris Koback, KS, Sec. of State (IE) W/W
Eva Guzman (in), TX, State Supreme Court W
Rick Strange, TX, State Supreme Court Lp
Jacob Hafter, NV, Att. General W/W
Tom Horne (open), AZ, Att. General W/W
Colin Bonini (open), DE, State Treasurer W/L
Doug Ducey (open), AZ, State Treasurer W/W
Curtis Loftis, SC, State Treasurer W/W
Steve Martin, NV, State Treasurer W/L
Dave Yost (open), OH, State Auditor W/W
Gary Black (open), GA, Agriculture Commissioner W/W
Mike Villines (open), CA, Insurance Commissioner W/W
Melvin Everson (open), GA, Labor Commissioner Lp
David Porter (open), TX, Railroad Commissioner W/W
David Boutin (open), NH, state Sen. Ws/W
Jeb Bradley (open), NH, state Sen. W/W
Dan Brown, MO, state Sen. W/W
Harry Coates (in), OK, state Sen. W/W
John DeStefano, MO, state Sen. Lp
Gerald Dial, AL, state Sen. W/W
Bill Emmerson, CA, state Sen. Ws/W
Elizabeth Halseth, NV, state Sen. W/W
Bill Holtzclaw, AL, state Sen. W/W
Will Kraus, MO, state Sen. W/W
Brian Munzinger, MO, state Sen. W/W
Roger Niello, CA, state Sen. Ls
Randy Richardville, MI, state Sen. W/W
Paul Sanford, AL, state Sen. W/W
Dick Stratman, MO, state Sen. Lp
Bryan Taylor, AL, state Sen. W/W
Michael Roberson, NV, state Sen. W/W
Bernadette Sanchez, NM, state Sen. W/W
Anthony Wright, NV, state Sen. W/L
Charles “Doc” Anderson (in), TX, state Rep. W/W
Jane Corwin, NY, state Rep. W
Kristopher Crawford (in), SC, state Rep. W/W
Bruce Chandler, WA, state Rep. W/W
Holland Harper, TX, state Rep. Lp
Linda Harper-Brown (in), TX, state Rep. W/W
Will Hartnett (in), TX, state Rep. W/W
Alan Mansoor, CA, state Rep. W/W
Jack O’Connor, TX, state Rep. W/L
Bill Poole, AL, state Rep. W/W
Andy Pugno, CA, state Rep. W/L
Jack Sieglock, CA, state Rep. W/W
Randy Wagoner (open), NH state Rep. Ws/L
James White, TX, state Rep. W/W
Wade Emmert, TX, Dallas Co. Judge W/W
Kathe Donovan, NJ, Bergen Co. Executive W/W
Ken Holt (open), MD, Baltimore Co. Executive W/L
Tom Tait (open), CA, Anaheim Mayor W
Oliver Baines, CA, Fresno City Council W/W
Gail Eastman (open), CA, Anaheim City Council W
Troy Edgar, CA, Los Alamitos City Council W
Rush Hill, CA, Newport Beach City Council W/W
John Leos (open), CA, Anaheim City Council L
Kris Murray, CA, Anaheim City Council W
Dean Zarkos, CA, Los Alamitos City Council L
Yes on 113, AZ Ballot Initiative W
Yes on Amendment 2, SC W
Yes on Amendment K, SD W
Yes on Amendment A, UT W
Alabama Republican Party –
American Civil Rights Initiative, AZ –
Bergen Co. Republican Organization, NJ –
Bibb Co. Republican Party, GA –
California Credit Union League, CA –
California Dental Association, CA –
California Dental Association, CA, Soda Tax Campaign –
Concerned Taxpayers of America, MD –
Concerned Taxpayers of America, OR –
Dupage Business Council, IL –
Freedom Works –
Georgia Republican Party –
House Republican Campaign Committee, MN –
Jobs PAC, CA –
Maine Heritage Policy Center, ME
Sands Corp, NV –
Save Our Secret Ballot, AZ –
Save Our Secret Ballot, CO –
Save Our Secret Ballot, FL –
Save Our Secret Ballot, GA –
Save Our Secret Ballot, MO –
Save Our Secret Ballot, NV –
Save Our Secret Ballot, SC –
Save Our Secret Ballot, SD –
Save Our Secret Ballot, UT –
SOAR, CA, Anaheim –
Speaker Joe Straus PAC, TX –
State Representatives Republican Caucus, UT –
Strong Mayor Project, CO, Colorado Springs Initiative –
Texas Association of Realtors, TX –
Wichita Smoking Cessation, KS –
The Winding Creek Group/D - Phones
Scott McAdams, AK, U.S. Sen. L
Mike Arcuri (in), NY, H24 L
John Boccieri (in), OH, H16 L
David Boling, AR, H02 L
Harry Crawford, AK, HA-L L
Gabrielle Giffords (in), AZ, H08 W
Raul Grijalva (in), AZ, H07 W
Debbie Halvorson (in), IL, H11 L
Brian Higgins (in), NY, H27 W
John Hulburd (open), AZ, H03 L
Ann Kirkpatrick (in), AZ, H01 L
Nita Lowey (in), NY, H18 W
Harry Mitchell (in), AZ, H05 L
Glenn Nye (in), VA, H02 L
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (in), SD, HA-L L
Bobby Scott (in), VA, H03 W
Harry Teague (in), NM, H02 L
Dina Titus (in), NV, H03 L
Matt Zeller (open), NY, H29 L
Keith Allred, ID, Gov. L
Deb Markowitz, VT, Gov. Lp
Ted Strickland (in), OH, Gov. L
Sam Wercinski, AZ, Sec. of State L
Joe Fernandez (open), RI, Att. General L
Vince Rabago, AZ, Att. General L
Steve Six (in), KS, Att. General L
Andrei Cherny (in), AZ, State Treasurer L
John Murphy, IA, Auditor L
Angela Connolly (in), IA, Polk Co. Supervisor W
Carson Brooks, OK, Oklahoma City District Judge Lp
McKinley Price (in), VA, Newport News Mayor W
Keep Houston Safe, Ballot Initiative, TX L
Accountability for Colorado –
Alaska Democratic Party –
America Votes, FL –
Arizona Democratic Party –
Bannock County Democrats, ID –
Cochise County Democratic Party, AZ –
Colorado Alliance for Working Families –
Conservation Voters of Idaho –
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee –
Democratic National Committee for: I-E
Barbara Boxer (in), CA, U.S. Sen. W
Russ Feingold (in), WI, U.S. Sen. L
Paul Hodes (open), NH, U.S. Sen. L
Kendrick Meek (open), FL, U.S. Sen. L
Charlie Melancon, LA, U.S. Sen. L
John Boccieri (in), OH, H16 L
Bobby Bright (in), AL, H02 L
Travis Childers (in), MS, H01 L
Steve Driehaus (in), OH, H01 L
Alan Grayson (in), FL, H08 L
Colleen Hanabusa, HI, H01 W
Steve Kagen (in), WI, H08 L
Mary Jo Kilroy (in), OH, H15 L
Julie Lassa (open), WI, H07 L
Gary McDowell (open), MI, H01 L
Jerry McNerney (in), CA, H11 TC
Cedric Richmond, LA, H02 W
Carol Shea-Porter (in), NH, H01 L
Betty Sutton (in), OH, H13 W
Neil Abercrombie (open), HI, Gov. W
Tom Barrett (open), WI, Gov. L
Jerry Brown (open), CA, Gov. W
Alex Sink (open), FL, Gov. L
Ted Strickland (in), OH, Gov. L
The Equality Maine Foundation –
Highland Park Democrats, NJ –
Idaho Democratic Legislative Caucus –
Idaho Democratic Party –
Kansas Democratic Party –
Kansas House Caucus –
Kansas Senate Caucus –
Maine Democratic Party for: I-E
Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell (open), ME, Gov. L
Maine House Caucus –
Maine Senate Caucus –
Maryland House Caucus –
Maryland Senate Caucus –
Michigan Federation of Teachers –
Michigan Senate Caucus –
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People –
Ohio Democratic Party –
Our Colorado Values –
Organizing for America –
The Neighborhood Project, CO –
Service Employees International Union for: I-E
Bill Halter, AR, U.S. Sen. Lp
Service Employees International Union, FL for: I-E
Kendrick Meek (open), FL, U.S. Sen. Wp
Winning Connections/D - Voter Contact (Telephone)
Russ Feingold, WI, U.S. Sen. L
Blanche Lincoln, AR, U.S. Sen. L
Elaine Marshall, NC, U.S. Sen. L
Arlen Specter, PA, U.S. Sen. Lp
Allen Boyd, FL, H02 L
Chad Causey, AR, H01 L
Ben Chandler, KY, H06 W
David Cicilline, RI, H01 W
Steve Cohen, TN, H09 W
Jim Cooper, TN, H05 W
Joyce Elliott, AR, H02 L
Raul Grijalva, AZ, H07 W
Martin Heinrich, NM, H01 W
Baron Hill, IN, H09 L
Maurice Hinchey, NY, H22 W
Paul Kanjorski, PA, H11 L
Julie Lassa, WI, H07 L
Gary Peters, MI, H09 W
Ed Potosnak, NJ, H07 L
Mike Ross, AR, H04 W
Mark Schauer, MI, H07 L
Bennie Thompson, MS, H02 W
Niki Tsongas, MA, H05 W
Roy Barnes, GA, Gov. L
Tom Barrett, WI, Gov. L
Mike Beebe, AR, Gov. W
Ethan Berkowitz, AK, Gov. L
Tim Cahill, MA, Gov. L
Lincoln Chafee, RI, Gov. W
John Kitzhaber, OR, Gov. W
Dan Malloy, CT, Gov. W
Paul Murad, NV, Lt. Gov. Lp
Daniel Biss, IL, state Rep. W
Matt Bradford, PA, state Rep. W
Steve Brown, WI, state Rep. L
Steve Choate, AR, state Rep. L
Maria Cimini, RI, state Rep. W
Deborah Conroy, IL, state Rep. L
Fred Crespo, IL, state Rep. W
Lisa Dugan, IL, state Rep. W
Keith Farnham, IL, state Rep. W
Bob Flider, IL, state Rep. L
Jehan Gordon, IL, state Rep. W
Marian Harris, OH, state Rep. L
Chuck Jefferson, IL, state Rep. W
Kevin Kelly, MD, state Rep. W
Michael Madigan, IL, state Rep. W
Emily McAsey, IL, state Rep. W
Kevin McCarthy, IL, state Rep. W
Jack McGuire, IL, state Rep. W
Michelle Mussman, IL, state Rep. W
Sandra Prater, AR, state Rep. L
Carol Sente, IL, state Rep. W
John Vines, AR, state Rep. W
Mark Walker, IL, state Rep. L
Ken Toole, MT, Public Service Commissioner L
No on Prop 23, CA W
No on Prop 26, CA L
Yes on Prop 19, CA L
No on Question A, MD L
Yes on Issue 2, OH W
Yes on Measure 13, SD L
Yes on 1098, WA L
AFT Maryland –
Blue Green Alliance –
Center for Community Change –
Coloradans for Safe Communities for: –
Ballot Question 300, CO –
Colorado Senate Campaign Fund –
Commonsense 10 for: I-E
Scott McAdams, AK, U.S. Sen. L
Connecticut Coordinate Campaign for: I-E
Dan Malloy, CT, Gov. W
Connecticut Democratic Party for: I-E
Richard Blumenthal, CT, U.S. Sen. W
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (527) for: I-E
Bill Keating, MA, H10 W
Education Minnesota –
Emily’s List –
Emily’s List Women Vote –
Environment America for: I-E
John Boccieri, OH, H16 L
Carol Shea-Porter, NH, H01 L
Florida Conservation Alliance for: I-E
Alex Sink, FL, Gov. L
Indiana AFL-CIO –
LCV for: I-E
Alexi Giannoulias, IL, U.S. Sen. L
Paul Hodes, NH, U.S. Sen. L
Patty Murray, WA, U.S. Sen. W
Joe Sestak, PA, U.S. Sen. L
Jerry McNerney, CA, H11 TC
Tom Perriello, VA, H05 L
LCV and Connecticut Coordinate for: I-E
Jim Himes, CT, H04 W
LCV and Environment America for: I-E
Harry Reid, NV, U.S. Sen. W
LCV and NWF for: I-E
Frank Kratovil, MD, H01 L
LCV and Sierra for: I-E
Michael Bennet, CO, U.S. Sen. W
NWF Action Fund –
Ocean State Action –
Oregon Voice –
Peace Action –
Peace Action West –
Sierra and Environment America for: I-E
Dina Titus (in), NV, H03 L
USAction –
Patrick Murphy, PA, H08 L
Ohio Coordinated Campaign –
Ohio House Caucus –
Oregon Senate Caucus –
Vermont Coordinated Campaign –
Worden Enterprises/R - Grassroots Development
Tom Corbett (open), PA, Gov. W
Wright Strategies/D - General Consulting
Mike Beebe (in), AR, Gov. W
Ike Skelton (in), MO, H04 L
Shane Broadway (open), AR, Lt. Gov L
Linda Tyler (in), AR, state Rep. W
Mark Stodola (in), AR, Little Rock Mayor W
Arkansas Democratic Party
Missouri Democratic Party
WWP Strategies/D - Media
Dan Benishek, MI, H01 W
Brian Rooney, MI, H07 L
Bill Schuette, MI, Att. General W
Michigan Advocacy Trust