THE LIST: Our Annual Consultant Scorecard (St – Wh)
W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
W/W = Won a competitive primary and the general election
W/L = Won a competitive primary, but lost the general election
W/W/W = Won a primary, a run-off and the general election
Wp or Lp = Won or lost the primary
RO = Run-off, election hadn’t taken place by press time
TC = Race was too close to call as of press time
I-E = Client was an independent expenditure or issue advocacy effort
that was not, or may not have been, affiliated with any candidate
Ws or Ls = Won or lost special election
(in) = Incumbent
Stanford Campaigns/D - Opposition Research,
General Consulting
Bill Halter Jr., AR, U.S. Sen. Lp
Dan Boren (in), OK, H2 W/W
Allen Boyd (in) FL, H02 W/L
John Callahan, PA, H15 L
Russ Carnahan (in), MO, H2 W
David Cook (open), AR, H1 Lp
Lincoln Davis (in), TN, H4 L
Jeff Doctor, NC, H9 L
Charlie Gonzalez (in) TX, H20 W
Steny Hoyer (in), MD, H5 W
Charlie Justice, FL, H10 L
Beth Krom, CA, H48 L
Mike McIntyre (in), NC, H7 W
David Melville, LA, H04 W/L
Ciro Rodriguez (in), TX, H23 L
Tommy Sowers, MO, H8 W
Bill Bradbury (open), OR, Gov. Lp
Terry Goddard, AZ, Gov. L
Patrick Lynch (open), RI, Gov. DO
Mullins Mcleod (open), SC, Gov. DO
Libby Mitchell (open), ME, Gov. L
David Poythress (open), GA Gov. Lp
Steve Rowe (open), ME, Gov. Lp
Peter Shumlin (open), VT, Gov. W
Dave Aronberg (open), FL, Att. General Lp
Kinky Friedman, TX, Att. General Lp
Veronica Gonzalez (inc.), TX, state Rep. W
Sergio Munoz Jr. (open), TX, state Rep. Wp
Joe Bartenfelder (open), MD, Baltimore Co. Exec. Lp
Ramon Garcia (open), TX, Hidalgo Co. Judge Wp
Sue Gunzburger (in), FL, Palm Beach Co. Commissioner Wp
Perla Tabares Hantman (in), FL,
Miami-Dade Co. School Board W
Kim Holland (in), OK, Insurance Comm. L
Judy Jennings (open), TX, State Board of Ed. L
GA House Democrats –
Steve Brown Direct Marketing/R - Direct Mail
Roy Blunt (open), MO, U.S. Sen. W
Michele Bachmann (in), MN, H06 W
Cory Gardner, CO, H04 W
Tom Corbett (open), PA, Gov. W
Chris Dudley (open), OR, Gov. L
Stones’ Phones/D - Phones
Joe Manchin (open), WV, U.S. Sen. W
Patty Murray (in), WA, U.S. Sen. W
Joe Sestak (open), PA, U.S. Sen. L
Jason Altmire (in), PA, H04 W
Melissa Bean (in), IL, H08 L
Xavier Becerra (in), CA, H31 W
Ami Bera, CA, H03 L
Denny Heck, WA, H03 L
Bill Keating (open), MA, H10 W
Ron Kind (in), WI, H03 W
Suzanne Kosmas (in), FL, H24 L
Dan Maffei (in), NY, H25 L
Betsy Markey (in), CO, H04 L
Jim Marshall (in), GA, H08 L
Jerry McNerney (in), CA, H11 TC
Patrick Murphy (in), PA, H08 L
Tom Perriello (in), VA, H05 L
Earl Pomeroy (in), ND, HA-L L
Pete Stark (in), CA, H13 W
Linda Sanchez (in), CA, H39 W
Loretta Sanchez (in), CA, H47 W
Allyson Schwartz (in), PA, H13 W
Charlie Wilson (in), OH, H06 L
Jerry Brown (open), CA, Gov. W
John Kitzhaber (open), OR, Gov. W
John Lynch (in), NH, Gov. W
Martin O’Malley (in), MD, Gov. W
Neil Breslin (in), NY, state Sen. W
Jennie Forehand (in), MD, state Sen. W
Nancy King (in), MD, state Sen. W
Marty Meyer, KY, state Sen. L
Rushern Baker (open), MD, Prince Georges Co. Exec. W
Vince Gray (open), DC, Mayor W
Yes on 19 Control and Tax Cannabis, CA L
No on 62-Egg Amendment, CO W
Yes on Question 1-Water and Land Amendment, IA W
Yes on 744-Public School Funding Mandate, OK L
Yes on 74-Responsible Regulation of Medical
Marijuana, OR L
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for: I-E
Bruce Braley (in), IA, H01 W
Dave Loebsack (in), IA, H02 W
Zack Space (in), OH, H18 L
Arizona Democratic Party –
California Democratic Party –
California Teachers Association –
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee –
Democratic National Committee –
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee –
EMILY’s List –
Georgia Democratic Party –
Idaho Democratic Party –
Iowa State Education Association –
Kansas Democratic Party –
Maryland State Education Association –
Massachusetts Teachers Association –
New Mexico Education Association –
North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party –
Ohio Education Association –
Oregon Democratic Party –
Our Oregon –
Pennsylvania Democratic Party –
Pennsylvania State Education Association –
Planned Parenthood Action Fund –
Rock the Vote –
Tennessee Democratic Party –
United Food and Commercial Workers Union –
Washington State Democrats –
West Virginia State Democratic Party –
Strategic National/R - General Consulting
Sharron Angle, NV, U.S. Sen. L
Rocky Raczkowski, MI, H09 L
Rick Snyder (open), MI, Gov. W
Bill Schuette (open), MI, Att. General W
Strategic Perception/R - Media
Carly Fiorina, CA, U.S. Sen. L
Chuck Grassley (in) IA, U.S. Sen. W
John McCain (in) AZ, U.S. Sen. W
Christine O’Donnell (open), DE, U.S. Sen. L
Ben Quayle (open), AZ, H03 W
John Sullivan (in), OK, H01 W
Karen Handel, GA, Gov. L
Bill Haslam (open), TN, Gov W
Tim James, AL, Gov. L
Andy McKenna, IL, Gov. L
Rick Snyder (open) MI Gov. W
American Action Network for: I-E
Dino Rossi, WA, U.S. Sen. L
Republican Governors Association for: I-E
James Aiona (open), HI, Gov. L
John Kasich, OH, Gov. W
Strategic Services, Inc./D - General Consulting
Eliot Engel (in), NY, H17 W
John Hall (in), NY, H19 L
Ellen Jaffee (in), NY, state Rep. District 95 W
David Klein (in), NY, Family Court Judge W
Strategic Telemetry/D - Microtargeting
Russ Feingold (in), WI, U.S. Sen. L
Patty Murray (in), WA, U.S. Sen. W
Tammy Baldwin (in), WI, H02 W
Tarryl Clark, MN, H06 L
Ron Kind (in), WI, H03 W
Tim Walz (in), MN, H01 W
Tom Barrett (open), WI, Gov. L
Andrew Cuomo (open), NY, Gov. W
Mark Dayton (open), MN, Gov. TC
Rory Reid (open), NV, Gov. L
Tom Nelson (open), WI, Lt. Gov. L
California Labor Federation, Million More Voters –
Democratic Party of Wisconsin –
Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party –
New York State Democratic Party –
SEIU – California State Council –
Washington State Democrats –
Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee –
Wisconsin State Sen. Democratic Committee –
Struble Eichenbaum/D - Media Consulting
Joe Manchin (open), WV, U.S. Sen. W
Patty Murray (in), WA, U.S. Sen. W
Mary Jo Kilroy (in), OH, H15 L
Sandy Levin, MI, H12 W
Jim Matheson (in), UT, H02 W
Chris Murphy (in), CT, H05 W
Ed Perlmutter (in), CO, H07 W
Dina Titus (in), NV, H03 L
Mike Beebe (in), AR, Gov. W
Chet Culver (in), IA, Gov. L
Jim Folsom (in), AL, Lt. Gov. L
George Jepsen (open), CT, Att. General W
Rex Smith (open), KY, state Sen. L
Terra Eclipse/R - Online and Strategy
Mike Lee (open), UT, U.S. Sen. W
BJ Lawson, NC, H04 L
Tom McClintock (in), CA, H04 W
Ilario Pantano, NC, H07 L
Jeff Perry, MA, H10 L
Morgan Philpot, UT, H02 L
California Republican Party –
FreedomWorks PAC –
Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC –
Third Eye Strategies/D - Polling
Lawrence Rael (open) NM, Lt. Gov. Lp
Elias Barela (in), NM, state Rep. Lp
Andrew Barreras (in), NM, state Rep. L
Brian Egolf (in) NM, state Rep. W
Karen Giannini (in) NM, state Rep. L
Rhonda King (in) NM, state Rep. W
Speaker Ben Lujan (in) NM, state Rep. W/W
Bill O’Neill (in) NM, state Rep. W
Al Park (in) NM, state Rep. W
Stephanie Richard (open) NM, state Rep. L
Ben Rodefer (in) NM, state Rep. L
Jeff Steinborn (in) NM, state Rep. L
Mimi Stewart (in) NM, state Rep. W
Jack Thomas (in) NM, state Rep. L
Linda Vanzi (in), NM, Appeals Court Judge W/W
Shannon Bacon (open), NM, Second Judicial Court Judge W/W
Karen Montoya (in), NM, Bernalillo County Assessor W
Dan Brady (open), OH, Cuyahoga Co. Council W
Ray Powell, NM, Land Commissioner W/W
Tom Swisstack (in), NM, Rio Rancho Mayor W
David Coss (in), NM, Santa Fe Mayor W
Florida New Majority –
New Mexico Democratic Coordinated Campaign –
Tom Shepard & Associates, Inc./R - General Consulting
Marion Ashley (in), CA, Riverside Co. Supervisor W
Bill Horn (in), CA, San Diego Co. Supervisor W
Ron Roberts (in), CA, San Diego Co. Supervisor W
Cheryl Cox (in), CA, Chula Vista Mayor W
Dick Daniels, CA, Escondido Mayor L
Dennis Michael, CA, Rancho Cucamonga Mayor W
Bill Gore, CA, San Diego Co. Sheriff W
Glen Googins, CA, Chula Vista City Att. W
No on Measure L, CA, Riverside Co. L
No on Measure Q, CA, City of Saratoga W
Yes on Prop C, CA, City of San Diego W
Yes on Prop D, CA, City of San Diego L
Totten Communications, Inc./D - Media
Linda Greenstein, NJ, state Sen. W
Trilogy Interactive/D - Internet Strategy Consulting
Michael Bennet (in), CO, U.S. Sen. W
Richard Blumenthal (open), CT, U.S. Sen. W
Barbara Boxer (in), CA, U.S. Sen. W
Roxanne Conlin, IA, U.S. Sen. L
Jack Conway (open), KY, U.S. Sen. L
Russ Feingold (in), WI, U.S. Sen. L
Kirsten Gillibrand (in), NY, U.S. Sen. W
Patrick Leahy (in), VT, U.S. Sen. W
Charlie Melancon, LA, U.S. Sen. L
Barbara Mikulski (in), MD, U.S. Sen. W
Patty Murray (in), WA, U.S. Sen. W
Harry Reid (in), NV, U.S. Sen. W
Chuck Schumer (in), NY, U.S. Sen. W
Melissa Bean (in), IL, H08 L
Hank Johnson (in), GA, H04 W
Mike Ross (in), AR, H04 W
Terri Sewell (open), AL, H07 W
Frank Caprio (open), RI, Gov. L
Diane Denish (open), NM, Gov. L
John Hickenlooper (open), CO, Gov. W
Alex Sink (open), FL, Gov. L
Bill White, TX, Gov. L
Debra Bowen (in), CA, Sec. of State W
John Chiang (in), CA, State Controller W
Eric Schneiderman (open), NY, Att. General W
No on I-1082, WA W
Yes on Prop 19, CA L
Democratic Governors Association –
California Democratic Party –
Upstream Communications/R - Internet
Dan Coats (open), IN, U.S. Sen. W
Joe Miller, AK, U.S. Sen. TC
Francisco Canseco, TX, H23 W
Bill Flores, TX, H17 W
Pete Olsen (in), TX, H22 W
Bryan Underwood, TX, H28 L
Bill Schuette, MI, Att. General W
Eva Guzman (in), TX, Supreme Court W
Paul McKinnley (in), IA, state Sen. W
Linda Harper-Brown (in), TX, state Rep. W
Dee Margo, TX, state Rep. W
Kenneth Sheets, TX, state Rep. W
Joe Straus (in), TX, state Rep. W
Todd Staples (in), TX, Ag. Com. W
David Porter (open), TX, RR Com. W
Associated Republicans of Texas –
Brooklyn Republican Party –
Dallas County Republican Party –
Monmouth County Republican Party –
National Republican Senatorial Committee –
Vela Strategic Marketing/N - General Consulting
William Schatzman (in), NC, Forsyth Co. Sheriff W
Ted Kaplan (in), NC, Forsyth Co. Board of Commissioners L
Forsyth County Bond Referendum for Library Bonds W
Vision Media Marketing Inc./D -
Full-Service Media Consulting
Steve Rothman (in), NJ, H09 W
Albio Sires (in), NJ, H13 W
Jason O’Donnell (in), NJ, state Rep. W
Frank Schillari, NJ, Hudson Co. Sheriff W
Rich LaBarbiera (open), NJ, Paramus Mayor W
VSS/Susquehanna Polling and Research, Inc./R -
Jim Gerlach (in), PA, H06 W
Mariennette Miller Meeks, IO, H02 L
Clark Parker (open), SC, H01 Lp
Dennis Ross (open), FL, H12 W
Mike Folmer (in), PA, state Sen. W
Stewart Greenleaf (in), PA, state Sen. W
Kemp Hannon (in), NY, state Sen. W
Thomas Libous (in), NY, state Sen. W
Nick Micozzie (in), PA, state Rep. W
Doug Reichley (in), PA, state Rep. W
Chris Ross (in), PA, state Rep. W
Trudi Williams (in), FL, state Rep. W
Joe Barbetta (in), FL, Sarasota Commission W
Peter Mancuso (open), NJ, Morris Township Committee W
Sandy Murman (in), FL, Hillsborough Co. Commission W
Bergen Co. Republican Committee, NJ –
Camden Co. Republican Committee, NJ –
Floridians for Principled Government, FL –
New Jersey State Laborer’s Political Action Fund –
New York Republican Assembly Campaign Committee –
PA Business Council –
PA House Republican Campaign Committee –
Republican Party of Florida –
Republican State Committee of PA –
Waldenburg Solutions LLC/R - General Consulting
Tom Casperson (open), MI, state Sen. W
Howard Walker (open), MI, state Sen. W
Dan Tollis (open), MI, state Rep. L
Welchert & Britz/D - General and Direct Mail
Ed Perlmutter (in), CO, H07 W
Gail Schwartz (in), CO, state Sen. W
Matt Jones (open), CO, state Rep. W/W
Larry Pace (in), CO, Adams Co. Commissioner L
Dan Gibbs (open), CO, Summit Co. Commissioner W
Colorado Education Association for: I-E
Crisanta Duran, CO, state Rep. W
Whitehurst/Mosher Campaign Strategy and Media/D -
General Consulting, Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Internet, Field
Noreen Evans (open), CA, state Sen. W
Michael Allen (open), CA, state Rep. W
Linda Colfax (open), CA, Superior Court Judge Wp
Pamela Torliatt (open), CA, Sonoma Co. Supervisor L
Don Perata (open), CA, Oakland Mayor L
Yes on Measure F, CA, Alameda Co. Vehicle Registration Fee W
Yes on Measure O, CA, Contra Costa Co. Vehicle
Registration Fee L
Yes on Measure M, CA, San Mateo Co. Vehicle Registration
Fee W
Yes on Measure W, CA, Sonoma Co. Vehicle Registration Fee L
Californians for Progress for: I-E
CA, No on Proposition 23 W
SEIU Mendocino for: I-E
Yes on Measure C, CA, Sales Tax Increase L
SEIU 521 for: I-E
No on Steve Worthley (in), CA, Tulare Co. Supervisor TC
Stop the Mega Casino PAC for: I-E
No on Rhonda Harris (in), CA, Richmond City Council W
No on Myrna Lopez (in), CA, Richmond City Council W
Richmond No on Measure U, CA W
Yes on Corky Booze, CA, Richmond City Council W
Yes on Gayle McLaughlin, CA, Richmond Mayor W
SEIU 1021 for: I-E
Yes on Gayle McLaughlin, CA, Richmond Mayor W
UHW for: I-E
No on Phil Larson (in), CA, Fresno Co. Supervisor L
Yes on Susan Adams, CA, Marino Co. Supervisor Wp