THE LIST: Our Annual Consultant Scorecard (L – Pr)
W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
W/W = Won a competitive primary and the general election
W/L = Won a competitive primary, but lost the general election
W/W/W = Won a primary, a run-off and the general election
Wp or Lp = Won or lost the primary
RO = Run-off, election hadn’t taken place by press time
TC = Race was too close to call as of press time
I-E = Client was an independent expenditure or issue advocacy effort
that was not, or may not have been, affiliated with any candidate
Ws or Ls = Won or lost special election
(in) = Incumbent
(open) = Race was for an open seat
Lilly & Company/R - Fundraising
Donna Campbell, TX, H25 L
Francisco “Quico” Canseco, TX, H23 W
John Carter (in), TX, H31 W
Bill Flores, TX, H17 W
Louie Gohmert (in), TX, H01 W
Randy Neugebauer (in), TX, H19 W
Lamar Smith (in), TX, H21 W
Robert Nichols (in), TX, state Sen. W
Bryan Hughes (in), TX, state Rep. W
Todd Hunter (in), TX, state Rep. W
Ken Paxton (in), TX, state Rep. W
Joe Straus (in), TX, state Rep. W
Paul Green (in), TX, Supreme Court W
Debra Lehrmann (in), TX, Supreme Court W
Melissa Goodwin (open), TX, Court of Appeals W
Jeff Rose (in), TX, District Judge L
Jerry Patterson (in), TX, Land Commissioner W
Lone Star Strategies/D -
Fundraising and Compliance Consulting
Alma Allen (in), TX, state Rep. W
Ellen Cohen (in), TX, state Rep. L
Kristi Thibaut (in), TX, state Rep. L
Sylvester Turner (in), TX, state Rep. W
Lori Hardwick Fundraising/R - Fundraising
Dino Rossi, WA, U.S. Sen. L
Scott Bruun, OR, H05 L
Chris Dudley (open), OR, Gov. L
The Lukens Company/R - Direct Mail
John Thune, SD, U.S. Sen. W
David Vitter, LA, U.S. Sen W
Kristi Noem, SD, H06 W
Bill Brady, IL, Gov. L
Bill Haslam, TN, Gov. W
Andy Barr, KY, state Rep. L
Chris Lee, NY, state Rep. W
John Shimkus, IL, state Rep. W
Tim Walberg, MI, state Rep. W
Main Street Strategies/D - General Consulting, Direct
Mail, Polling, Media Consulting
Sandy Levin (in), MI, H12 W
Virg Bernero (open), MI, Gov. L
David Leyton (open), MI, Att. General L
Steve Bieda (open) MI, state Sen. W
Hoon-Yung Hopgood (open) MI, state Sen. W
Tupac Hunter (in) MI, state Sen. W
Dave LeGrand (open) MI, state Sen. L
Doug Spade (open) MI, state Sen. L
Jim Ananich (open) MI, state Rep. W
Brandon Dillon (open), MI, state Rep. W
Andrew Kandrevas (in) MI, state Rep. W
Marilyn Lane (open) MI, state Rep. W
Maureen Stapleton (open), MI, state Rep. W
Jimmy Womak (in), MI, state Rep. W
Phil DiMaria (open) MI, Macomb Co. Commission W
Martha G. Scott (open) MI, Wayne Co. Commission W
Ted Henry (in) MI, Genesee Co. Commission W
Burton Leland (in) MI, Wayne Co. Commission W
Ed Nykiel (in) MI, Wayne Co. Judge L
Cathy Dowd (in), MI, 68th District Court Judge W
The Committee to Save Lansing Parks, Michigan W
League of Conservation Voters, Michigan –
Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO –
Michigan AFL-CIO –
Michigan Nurses Association –
Planned Parenthood, Michigan –
Majority Designs/R - General Consulting, Direct Mail,
Independent Expenditures
Rich Iott, OH, H09 L
John Koster, WA, H02 L
Todd Lamb (open), OK, Lt. Gov. W
TJ Berry (open), MO, state Rep. W
Wanda Brown (open), MO, state Rep. W
Eric Burlison (in), MO, state Rep. W
Mike Cierpiot (open), MO, state Rep. W
Lyndall Fraker (open), MO, state Rep. W
Jeff Hickman (in), OK, state Rep. W
Rob Johnson (open), OK, state Rep. W
Scott Largent (in), MO, state Rep. W
Thomas Long (open), MO, state Rep. W
Laura Nauser, MO, state Rep. L
Lyle Rowland (open), MO, state Rep. W
Dave Schatz (open), MO, state Rep. W
John Sellars, MO, state Rep. W
Aaron Stiles, OK, state Rep. W
Randy Terrill (in), OK, state Rep. W
James White, TX, state Rep. W
Zachary Wyatt, MO, state Rep. W
Bill Zedler, TX, state Rep. W
Greg Dixon (open), OK, District Judge W
Jonathan Nichols (open), OK, District Judge L
Rusty Sullivan (in), OK, Cleveland Co. Commissioner W
Randy Jotte (open), MO, St. Louis Co. Council L
No on State Question 744, OK W
Republican State Rep. Committee for: I-E
Jason Nelson, OK, state Rep. W
Dustin Roberts, OK, state Rep. W
Sean Roberts, OK, state Rep. W
Senate Majority Fund for: I-E
Ralph Shortey, OK, state Sen. W
House Republican Campaign Committee for: I-E
John Sellars, MO, state Rep. L
Zachary Wyatt, MO, state Rep. W
House Republican Campaign Committee, OK –
Mammen Group, Inc./D - Direct Mail
Jeff Barnett, VA, H10 L
Gerry Connolly (in), VA, H11 W
Manan Trivedi, PA, H06 W/L
Mark Dayton (open), MN, Gov. W/TC
Don Betzold (in), MN, state Sen. L
Kevin Dahle (in), MN, state Sen. L
Bruce Hentges (open), MN, state Sen. L
Mary Olson (in), MN, state Sen. L
Rebecca Rios (in), AZ, state Sen. L
Sharon Ropes (in), MN, state Sen. L
Dan Skogen (in), MN, state Sen. L
Sam Arora (open), MD, state Rep. W/W
Dennis Cohoon (in) IA, state Rep. W
Mark Gaskill (in) IA, state Rep. W
Jay Goyal (in), OH, state Rep. W
Lisa Heddens (in) IA, state Rep. W
Kurt Hubler (open), IA, state Rep. L
Jerry Kearns (in) IA, state Rep. W
Larry Marek (in) IA, state Rep. L
Kurt Meyer (open), IA, state Rep. L
Alisha Thomas Morgan (in), GA, state Rep. W
Patrick Murphy (in) IA, state Rep. W
Jo Oldson (in) IA, state Rep. W
Donovan Olson (in) IA, state Rep. L
Scott Ourth (open), IA, state Rep. L
Nathan Reichert (in), IA, state Rep. L
Tom Schueller (in) IA, state Rep. W
Paul Shomshor (in) IA, state Rep. L
Mike Slattery (in), KS, state Rep. W
Mark Smith (in) IA, state Rep. W
Sharon Steckman (in) IA, state Rep. W
Kurt Swaim (in) IA, state Rep. W
Todd Taylor (in) IA, state Rep. W
Roger Thomas (in) IA, state Rep. W
Andrew Wenthe (in), IA, state Rep. W
Ray Zirkelbach (in) IA, state Rep. L
George Leventhal (in), MD, Mont Co. Council W
Mandate Media/D - Internet Consulting,
Social Media, General Consulting
Ron Wyden (in), OR, U.S. Sen. W
Earl Blumenauer (in), OR, H03 W
Peter DeFazio (in), OR, H04 W
Bill Foster (in), IL, H14 L
Bill Hedrick , CA, H44 L
Rick Larsen (in), WA, H02 W
Kurt Schrader (in), OR, H05 W
John Kitzhaber (open), OR, Gov. W
Caroline Fayard (open), LA, Lt. Gov. L
Ted Wheeler (in), OR, State Treasurer W
Brent Barton (open), OR, state Sen. L
Suzanne Bonamici (in), OR, state Sen. W
Richard Devlin (in), OR, state Sen. W
Chris Edwards (in), OR, state Sen. W
Martha Schrader (in), OR, state Sen. TC
Jules Bailey (in), OR, state Rep. W
Brian Clem (in), OR, state Rep. W
Chris Garrett (in), OR, state Rep. W
Nick Kahl (in), OR, state Rep. L
Greg Matthews (in), OR, state Rep. W
Tobias Read (in), OR , state Rep. W
Arnie Roblan (in), OR, state Rep. W
Jeff Cogen (in), OR, Multnomah Co. Chair W
Karol Collymore (open), OR, Multnomah Co.
Commissioner L
Health Care Council for: I-E
Pat Quinn (in), IL, Gov. W
McKim Strategies/R - New Media
Richard Hanna, NY, H24 W
George Amedore (in), NY, state Rep. W
Jim Boyd (open), FL, state Rep. W
Tony Jordan (in), NY, state Rep. W
Paul Niehaus, NY, state Rep. L
New York State Republican Party –
Media Mezcla Campaign Engine/D -
Online Communications Consulting
Lincoln Chafee (open), RI, Gov. W
Bill Perkins (in), NY, state Sen. W
Jo Anne Simon (in), NY, Dem. State committee W
Tommy Wells (in), Washington DC, City Council W
Alabama Democratic Party –
Colorado Democratic Party –
Meridian Central Public Affairs, LLC/R - Direct Mail,
General Consulting, Voter Contact Phones
Lee Terry (in), NE, H02 W
Dave Heineman (in), NE, Gov. W
John Gale (in), NE, Sec. of State W
Tom Baker, NE, state Sen. L
Lydia Brasch, NE, state Sen. W
Scott Lautenbaugh, NE, state Sen. W
John Nelson, NE, state Sen. W
Meridian West/R - General Consulting, Direct Mail,
Fundraising, Voter Contact, Internet
David Castillo (open), WA, H03 Lp
Rob Cornilles, OR, H01 W/L
Dave Reichert (in), WA, H08 W
Allen Alley (open), OR, Gov. Lp
Bill Walker, AK, Gov. Lp
Eastside PAC, WA, state Sen. IE W
Oregon Republican Party –
Washington State Republican Party –
Message & Media, Inc./D - General Consulting,
TV and Radio, Electronic Advertising, and Direct Mail
Mike Doyle (in), PA, H14 W
Rush Holt (in), NJ, H12 W
Frank Pallone (in), NJ, H06 W
Ed Potosnak, NJ, H07 L
Cory Booker (in), NJ, Mayor of Newark W
Jim Cahill (in), NJ, Mayor of New Brunswick W
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for: I-E
Richard Blumenthal (open), CT, U.S. Sen. W
Chris Coons (open), DE, U.S. Sen. W
Morgan, Meredith & Associates/R -
PAC Fundraising, Direct Mail, FEC Compliance
Brian Bilbray (in), CA, H50 W
Vern Buchanan (in), FL, H13 W
Sam Caligiuri, CT, H05 L
John Carter (in), TX, H31 W
Jason Chaffetz (in), UT, H03 W
Howard Coble (in), NC, H06 W
Randy Forbes (in), VA, H04 W
Virginia Foxx (in), NC, H05 W
Elton Gallegly (in), CA, H24 W
Bill Johnson, OH, H06 W
Raul Labrador, ID, H01 W
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (in), FL, H18 W
Mike Turner (in), OH, H03 W
Fred Upton (in), MI, H06 W
Mughal Strategies Global Partners, LLC/D -
General Consulting: Management, Policy Advisory
and Opposition Research
Carol Porter, GA, Lt. Gov. L
Rashid Malik, GA, state Sen. L
Pedro Marin (in), GA, state Rep. W
Muller Public Strategies/D - General Consulting
Linda Greenstein, NJ, state Sen. W
NJ Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee –
NJ Senate Democratic Majority –
National Research Inc./R - Polling
Sam Caligiuri, CT, H05 L
Dan Debicella, CT, H04 L
Rodney Frelinghuysen (in), NJ, H11 W
Leonard Lance (in), NJ, H07 W
Anna Little, NJ, H06 L
David Schweikert, AZ, H05 W
Steve Southerland, FL, H02 W
Tim Walberg, MI, H07 W
Jeff Wright, CT, Treasurer L
Tom Goodwin (open), NJ, state Sen. L
Tom Kovach, DE, state Rep. W
Jim Weiers (in), AZ, state Rep. W
Kimberly Yee (in), AZ, state Rep. W
Jack Kelly (in), NJ, Ocean Co. Freeholder W
Jim Lacey (in), NJ, Ocean Co. Freeholder W
Scott Colabella (open), NJ, Ocean Co. Clerk W
John Parker (in), NJ, Lacey Township Committee W
Brian Reid (in), NJ, Lacey Townhip Committee W
The Club for Growth –
Conservatives for Congress –
The John W. Pope Civitas Institute –
National Republican Congressional Committee –
National Republican Senatorial Committee –
New Jersey State Republican Committee –
Republican Governors Association –
Newlink Political/N - General Consulting
Juan Manuel Santos (Partido de la U), Colombia, Pres. W
Carlos Lozano de la Torre (PRI),
Aguascalientes, Mexico, Gov. W
Roberto Borge (PRI), Quintana Roo. Mexico, Gov. W
PLD National Candidates for Congress (PLD),
Dominican Republic
PLD National Candidates for Mayor (PLD),
Dominican Republic
New Media Campaigns/N - Internet
Lois Capps (in), CA, H23 W
Mark Critz (in), PA, H12 W
Joe Donnelly (in), IN, H02 W
Dale Kildee (in), MI, H05 W
Ed Perlmutter (in), CO, H07 W
Jim Piccillo, FL, H05 L
Tom Holland (open), KS, Gov. L
Georganna Sinkfield (open), GA, Sec. of State L
Josh Mandel, OH, Treasurer W
Bill DeWeese (in), PA, state Sen. W
Carl Marlinga, MI, state Sen. Lp
Lori Albin, MD, state Rep. L
Alice Bordsen (in), NC, state Rep. W
Mike Gerber (in), PA, state Rep. W
Ariana Kelly, MD, state Rep. W
Roger Berliner (in), MD, Montgomery Co. Council W
Dale Miller, OH, Cuyahoga Co. Council W
Berea Schools, OH, Levy L
Lakeland Community College, OH, Levy W
New West Public Affairs, LLC/R - General Consulting,
Campaign Management, Phones and Direct Mail
Mike Coffman, CO, H06 W
Ryan Frazier, CO, H07 L
Cory Gardner, CO, H04 W
Scott Tipton, CO, H03 W
Steve King (open), CO, state Sen. W
Novak Media/D - Broadcast Media
Dan Maffei, NY, H25 L
Paul Tonko, NY, H21 W
Matt Zeller, NY, H29 L
Neil Breslin, NY, state Sen. W
Dave Valesky, NY, state Sen. W
Mary Wilmot, NY, state Sen. L
OnMessage Inc./R - Media
Scott Brown, MA, U.S. Sen. Ws
Ron Johnson, WI, U.S. Sen. W/W
Jane Norton, CO, U.S. Sen. Lp
Diane Black (open), TN, H06 W/W
Francisco Caseco, TX, H23 W/W/W
Bill Flores, TX, H17 W/W/W
Tim Griffin (open), AR, H02 W/W
Brett Guthrie (in), KY, H02 W
Ethan Hastert, IL, H14 Lp
Jim Renacci, OH, H16 W/W
Scott Rigell, VA, H02 W/W
Robin Smith (open), TN, H03 Lp
Rob Wittman (in), VA, H01 W
Frank Wolf (in), VA, H10 W
Brian Dubie (open), VT, Gov. W
Ron Ramsey (open), TN, Gov. Lp
Rick Scott (open), FL, Gov. W/W
National Republican Congressional Committee for: I-E
Andy Barr, KY, H06 L
Rick Berg, ND, HA-L W
Stephen Fincher, TN, H08 W
Cory Gardner, CO, H04 W
Robert Hurt, VA, H05 W
Bill Johnson, OH, H06 W
Dan Kapanke, WI, H03 L
Mike Keown, GA, H02 L
Raul Labrador, ID, H01 W
Mick Mulvaney, SC, H05 W
Steven Palazzo, MS, H04 W
Jeff Perry, MA, H10 L
Tim Walberg, MI, H07 W
Dan Webster FL, H08 W
National Republican Senatorial Committee for: I-E
Rand Paul (open), KY, U.S. Sen. W
National Rifle Association for: I-E
Roy Blunt (open), MO, U.S. Sen. W
Ken Buck, CO, U.S. Sen. L
Rob Portman (open), OH, U.S. Sen. W
Pat Toomey (open), PA, U.S. Sen. W
Bill Brady, IL, Gov. L
Tom Corbett (open), PA, Gov. W
Paul LePage (open), ME, Gov. W
OnMessage Inc./R - Opinion Research
Ron Johnson, WI, U.S. Sen W/W
Sean Bielat, MA, H04 L
Diane Black, TN, H06 W/W
Dean Cannon, FL, H35 W/W
Francisco Canseco, TX, H23 W/W/W
Bill Flores, TX, H17 W/W/W
Bob Gibbs, OH, H18 W/W
Tim Griffin, AR, H02 W/W
Frank Guinta, NH, H01 W/W
Jason Levesque, ME, H02 L
Jim Renacci, OH, H16 W/W
Matt Meade (open), WY, Gov. W/W
Rick Scott (open), FL, Gov. W/W
Mark Fisher, MD, state Rep. W
National Republican Congressional Committee for: I-E
Scott Bruun, OR, H05 L
Larry Buschon, IN, H08 W
Scott DesJarlais, TN, H04 W
Charles Djou (in), HI, H01 L
Matt Doheny, NY, H23 L
Andy Harris, MD, H01 W
Joe Heck, NV, H03 W
Dan Kapanke, WI, H03 L
David McKinley (open), WV, H01 W
Marianette Miller-Meeks, IA, H02 L
Ilario Pantano, NC, H07 L
Steve Pearce, NM, H02 W
Reid Ribble, WI, H08 W
Steve Southerland, FL, H02 W
Jackie Walorski, IN, H02 L
Daniel Webster, FL, H08 W
Todd Young, IN, H09 W
Paden Noble Consulting/N - Social Media,
Digital Communications, Online Public Relations,
Web Design
Darrin Sharif (open), Newark, NJ, Council W
Mark Zinna (open), Tenafly, NJ, Council W
The Perkey Group, LLC/D -
General Consulting, Campaign Management
Marty Meyer, KY, state Sen. L
Persuasion Partners, Inc./R - Direct Mail
Ron Johnson, WI, U.S. Sen. W
Sean Duffy (open) WI, H07 W
Dan Kapanke, WI, H03 L
Jim Sensenbrenner (in), WI, H05 W
John Shimkus (in), IL, H19 W
Andre Bauer (open), SC, Gov. L
Bill Haslam (open), TN, Gov. W
J.B. Van Hollen (in), WI, Att. General W
Neal Kedzie (in), WI, state Sen. W
Leah Vukmir, WI, state Sen. W
Van Wanggaard, WI, state Sen. W
David Alexander, TN, state Rep. W
Sheila Butt, TN, state Rep. W
Scotty Campbell, TN, state Rep. W
Linda Elam, TN, state Rep. W
Jeremy Faison, TN, state Rep. W
Jim Gotto (open), TN, state Rep. W
Steve Hall, TN, state Rep. W
Jim Hardin, TN, state Rep. L
Andy Holt, TN, state Rep. W
Julia Hurley, TN, state Rep. W
Mark Johnstone, TN, state Rep. L
Kelly Keisling, TN, state Rep. W
Tim Lakin (open), WI, state Rep. L
Don Miller (open), TN, state Rep. W
Kevin Petersen (in), WI, state Rep. W
Mark Pody, TN, state Rep. W
Dennis Powers, TN, state Rep. W
John Ragan, TN, state Rep. W
Neil Revlett, TN, state Rep. L
Bill Sanderson, TN, state Rep. W
Mike Sparks, TN, state Rep. W
Billy Spivey, TN, state Rep. L
Ryan Williams, TN, state Rep. W
Charles Williamson, TN, state Rep. L
Tim Wirgau, TN, state Rep. W
Rick Womick, TN, state Rep. W
Nevada Republican Party –
Oregon Republican Party –
Tennessee Republican Party –
Washington Republican Party –
Wisconsin Republican Party –
Phillip Stutts & Company/R -
General Consulting, Grassroots
Military Families United for: I-E
John Boozman, AR, U.S. Sen. W
Tim Griffin, AR, H02 W
Vets for Freedom for: I-E
Sean Bielat, MA, H04 L
Chris Gibson, NY, H20 W
Tim Griffin, AR, H02 W
Michael Grimm, NY, H13 W
Andy Harris, MD, H01 W
Joe Heck, NV, H03 W
Adam Kinzinger, IL, H11 W
Ilario Pantano, NC, H07 L
Steve Stivers, OH, H15 W
Alan West, FL, H22 W - Email Fundraising
Sharron Angle, NV, U.S. Sen. L
Ken Buck, CO, U.S. Sen. W
Joe DioGuardi, NY, U.S. Sen. L
Carly Fiorina, CA, U.S. Sen. L
Mark Kirk (open), IL, U.S. Sen. W
Ovide Lamontagne (open), NH, U.S. Sen. L
Sue Lowden, NV, U.S. Sen. L
Joe Miller, AK, U.S. Sen. TC
Christine O’Donnell (open), DE, U.S. Sen. L
Peter Schiff (open), CT, U.S. Sen. L
Michele Bachmann (in), MN, H06 W
Sean Bielat, MA, H04 L
John Boehner (in), OH, H08 W
John Dennis, CA, 08 L
Robert Hurt, VA, H05 W
Ilario Pantano, NC, H07 L
Star Parker, CA, H37 L
Mike Pence (in), IN, H06 W
Ben Quayle (open), AZ, H03 W
Daniel Webster, FL, H08 W
No on Proposition 19, CA W
60 Plus –
AmeriPAC –
America’s Foundation PAC –
Americans for New Leadership PAC –
Americans United for Life PAC –
California Pension Reform –
Citizens Committee Right to Keep and Bear Arms –
Center for Individual Freedom –
Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes –
League of American Voters –
Michele PAC –
Move Forward PAC –
National Association for Gun Rights –
National Organization for Marriage –
National Federation of Independent Business –
Our Country Deserves Better PAC –
Republican National Committee –
Retire Harry Reid –
Senate Conservatives Fund –
Super PAC –
Tea Party Express –
Voices PAC – - Event Production,
Campaign, Management and Strategy
Barbara Boxer, CA, U.S. Sen. W
Andrew Cuomo, NY, Gov. W
Bill White, TX, Gov. L
Meg Whitman, CA, Gov. L
Executive Office of The President –
New Mexico Democratic Party –
Texas Democratic Party –
PolitiCo, LLC/D - General Consulting
Charlie Gonzalez (in), TX, H20 W
Jose Menendez (in), TX, state Rep. W
Premiere Political Communications LLC/D -
Telephone Contact Services
Charlie Melancon, LA, U.S. Sen. L
Russ Carnahan, MO, H03 W
Dennis McDonald, MT, HA-L L
David Melville, LA, H04 L
John Yarmuth, KY, H03 W
Peter Corroon, UT, Gov. L
Kamala Harris, CA, Att. General TC
George Jepsen, CT, Att. General W
Linnea Barney, UT, state Sen. L
Nancy Turbak Berry, SD, state Sen. L
Lou Correa, CA, state Sen. W
Elizabeth Crowley, RI, state Sen. W
Frank Devall, RI, state Sen. W
Paul Fogarty, RI, state Sen. W
Maryellen Goodwin, RI, state Sen. W
Mike Hennessey, NY, state Sen. L
Cheri Jahn, CO, state Sen. W
Beth Jones, NC, state Sen. L
Chris Larson, WI, state Sen. W
Chuck Levesque, RI, state Sen. L
Linda Butera Noble, RI, state Sen. L
Ryan Pearson, RI, state Sen. L
Chris Robinson, MD, state Sen. L
Dominick Ruggerio, RI, state Sen. W
Jon Sawyer, RI, state Sen. L
Dennis Ahern, IL, state Rep. L
Al Albanese, NY, state Rep. L
Sam Aurora, MD, state Rep. W
Steve Baugh, UT, state Rep. L
Susy Blake, SD, state Rep. W
Keli Booher, AK, state Rep. L
Matt Borup, WI, state Rep. L
Marcus Brandon, NC, state Rep. W
Bob Bryant, GA, state Rep. W
Clint Casto, WV, state Rep. L
Mike Cherry, KY, state Rep. W
Nate Cote, NM, state Rep. L
Bob Damron, KY, state Rep. W
Berta Gardner, AK, state Rep. W
Elvi Gray-Jackson, AK, state Rep. W
Victoria Grizzoffi, IL, state Rep. L
Kim Hixson, WI, state Rep. L
Paul Honeman, AK, state Rep. W
Ben Hueso, CA, state Rep. W
Brett Hulsey, WI, state Rep. W
Don Jarvis, UT, state Rep. L
Paula Johnson, SD, state Rep. L
Andy Jorgenson, WI, state Rep. W
Matt Kenigson, KY, state Rep. L
Cathy Larck, WV, state Rep. L
Margaret Markey, NY, state Rep. W
Lupe Marroquin, AK, state Rep. L
Michael Miller, NY, state Rep. W
Marla Posey Moss, MD, state Rep. L
Michael Murren, CT, state Rep. L
Stan Nacewicz, MA, state Rep. L
Phu Nguyen, CA, state Rep. L
Trish O’Neil, WI, state Rep. L
Steve Perala, WI, state Rep. L
Brett Ramsey, KY, state Rep. L
Deb Ruggiero, RI, state Rep. W
Jay Schmelling, WI, state Rep. L
Kyle Schoenfish, SD, state Rep. L
Larry Silverman, NY, state Sen. L
Darrell Solberg, SD, state Rep. L
Anthony Staskunas, WI, state Rep. W
Mert Summers, WI, state Rep. L
Jesse Vavreck, SD, state Rep. L
David Wilkerson, GA, state Rep. W
Richard Welch, RI, state Rep. L
David Weprin, NY, state Rep. W
Jessica Wooley, HI, state Rep. W
Clinton Canady, MI, Ingham Co. District Judge W
Jim Gray, KY, Lexington Mayor W
Vince Gray, DC, Mayor W
Don Perata, CA, Oakland Mayor W
Alaska House Democratic Committee –
Kentucky House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee –
Montana Conservation Voters –
New Jersey Sierra Club –
Rhode Island Senate Caucus –
Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Committee –
PRH Consulting Group, LLC/R - Fundraising
John Boehner (in), OH, H08 W
Bill Johnson, OH, H06 W
Maureen O’Connor, OH, Supreme Court Chief Justice W
Judith Ann Lanzinger (in), OH, Supreme Court W
Prime Time Agency/N - Media Consultants
Margaret Alphonso (open), MS, Harrison Co. Judge W
Prime Time Agency/The Guice Agency/N -
Media Consultants
Gene Taylor (in), MS, H04 L
Jennifer Schloegel (open), MS, Chancery Court Judge W
Probolsky Research LLC/R - Polling
Ken Calvert (in), CA, H44 W
Paul Cook (in), CA, state Rep. W
Allan Mansoor (open), CA, state Rep. W
Sam Abed (in) Mayor, Escondido, CA W
Jim Righeimer (open) Costa Mesa City Council, CA W
Doug Reinhart (in) Director, CA, Irvine Ranch Water District W
Steven LaMar (in) Director, CA, Irvine Ranch Water District W
Progressive Strategy Partners/D -
Coalition Building, General Consulting, Latino
Communications, Strategy
Barbara Boxer (in), CA, U.S. Sen. W
Alex Padilla (in), CA, state Sen. W