THE LIST: Our Annual Consultant Scorecard (Z)
W = Won general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
L = Lost general election (with no competitive primary, or vendor
wasn’t involved in primary)
W/W = Won a competitive primary and the general election
W/L = Won a competitive primary, but lost the general election
W/W/W = Won a primary, a run-off and the general election
Wp or Lp = Won or lost the primary
RO = Run-off, election hadn’t taken place by press time
TC = Race was too close to call as of press time
I-E = Client was an independent expenditure or issue advocacy effort
that was not, or may not have been, affiliated with any candidate
Ws or Ls = Won or lost special election
(in) = Incumbent
Zata|3 Consulting/D -
Direct Voter Contact/Phone Banks
Jack Conway (open), KY, U.S. Sen. L
Elaine Marshall, NC, U.S. Sen. L
Charlie Melancon, LA, U.S. Sen. L
Tim Bishop, NY, H01 TC
Bobby Bright, AL, H02 L
Bret Carter, TN, H06 L
Chad Causey, AR, H01 L
Travis Childers, MS, H01 L
Billy Coyle, OK, H05 L
Suzan DelBene, WA, H08 L
Bill Foster, IL, H14 L
Charlie Gonzalez (in), TX, H20 W
Gene Greene, TX, H29 W
Debbie Halvorson, IL, H11 L
Bill Hedrick, CA, H44 L
Steny Hoyer, MD, H05 W
Jay Inslee, WA, H01 W
Billy Kennedy, NC, H05 L
Mary Jo Kilroy, OH, H15 L
Ron Klein, FL, H22 L
Ben Lujan, NM, H03 W
Rob Miller, SC, H01 L
Cedric Richmond, LA, H02 W
Sheila Smoot, AL, H07 L
Gene Taylor, MS, H04 L
Tim Walz, MN, H01 W
Mike Beebe, AR, Gov. W
Artur Davis, AL, Gov. L
John Hickenlooper, CO, Gov. W
Caroline Fayard, LA, Lt. Gov. L
Jocelyn Benson, MI, Sec. of State L
Pat O’Brien, AR, Sec. of State L
David Aronberg, FL, Att. General L
Richard Bernstein, MI, Att. General L
Ken Hodges, GA, Att. General L
Larry Aceves, CA, Supt. of Education L
Dennis McIntyre, NE, State Board of Education L
Janice Aldridge, OK, state Sen. L
Glenn Anderson, MI, state Sen. W
Bill Beasley, AL, state Sen. W
Bob Bergren, MT, state Sen. L
David Burnett, AR, state Sen. W
Jill Cohenour, MT, state Sen. L
Kenneth Corn, OK, state Sen. L
Ken Cowling, AR, state Sen. L
Dawn Creekmore, AR, state Sen. L
Mike Darnell, LA, state Sen. L
David Eaton , KY, state Sen. L
Mike Fletcher, AR, state Sen. W
Vincent Fort, GA, state Sen. W
Kathleen Galvin-Halcro, MT, state Sen. L
Jay Paul Gumm, OK, state Sen. L
Burke Harr, NE, state Sen. W
Johnny Hoyt, AR, state Sen. L
Byrum Hurst, AR, state Sen. L
Mike Kelly, OK, state Sen. L
Kathleen Law, MI, state Sen. L
Amanda McGill, NE, state Sen. W
Wendell Mitchell, AL, state Sen. L
RJ Palmer, KY, state Sen. W
Phil Poole, AL, state Sen. L
Darryl Roberts, OK, state Sen. L
Julie Smith-Morrow , KY, state Sen. L
Horacina Tate, GA, state Sen. W
Mark Totten, MI, state Sen. L
Kendall Van Dyk, MT, state Sen. TC
Gerald Allen, AL, state Rep. W
Linda Belcher, KY, state Rep. TC
Johnny Bell, KY, state Rep. W
Steven Breedlove, AR, state Rep. L
Bob Brock, MT, state Rep. L
Guthrie Castle, TN, state Rep. L
Mike Cherry, KY, state Rep. W
Larry Clark, KY, state Rep. W
Joe Cohenour, MT, state Rep. L
Hubert Collins, KY, state Rep. W
Leslie Combs, KY, state Rep. W
Mike Cone, AR, state Rep. L
Will Coursey, KY, state Rep. W
Willis Curdy, MT, state Rep. L
Jeff Donohue, KY, state Rep. L
Nellie Draus-Stallings, KY, state Rep. L
Cornell du Houx, ME, state Rep. W
Michael Duncan, KY, state Rep. L
Pam Ellis, MT, state Rep. L
Dennis Ferguson, TN, state Rep. L
Tim Firkins, KY, state Rep. L
Allan Francis, KY, state Rep. L
Lie E. French, MT, state Rep. L
Dennis Getz, MT, state Rep. L
James Glenn, KY, state Rep. TC
Jon Goldin, CO, state Rep. L
Kimberly Greenwell, KY, state Rep. L
Jeff Greer, KY, state Rep. W
Jay Goyal, OH, state Rep. W
Will Hammerquist, MT, state Rep. L
Eddie Hawkins, AR, state Rep. L
David Hayes, KY, state Rep. L
Charlie Hoffman, KY, state Rep. L
Sheila Hogan, MT, state Rep. L
Jerome Isaacs, KY, state Rep. L
Thomas Jackson, AL, state Rep. W
Martha Jane King, KY, state Rep. W
Dennis Keene, KY, state Rep. W
Mike Lawrence, KY, state Rep. L
Roland Lemar, CT, state Rep. W
Richard Lindsey, AL, state Rep. W
Lindsay Love, MT, state Rep. L
Gary Lucero, MT, state Rep. L
Ben Lujan, NM, state Rep. W
Steve Magie, AR, state Rep. L
Karen May, IL, state Rep. W
Tom McKee, KY, state Rep. W
Mike Menahan, MT, state Rep. W
Terry Mills, KY, state Rep. W
Calvin Moore, TN, state Rep. L
Terry Moran, MT, state Rep. L
Johnny Mack Morrow, AL, state Rep. W
Brittany Novotny, OK, state Rep. L
Eddie O’Daniel, KY, state Rep. L
Don Pasley, KY, state Rep. L
Jennifer JP Pomnichowski, MT, state Rep. L
James Pulliam, AR, state Rep. L
Tom Riner, KY, state Rep. W
Janis Ringhand, WI, state Rep. L
Carl Rollins, KY, state Rep. W
Bryan Schutt, MT, state Rep. L
Dottie Sims, KY, state Rep. L
Kevin Sinnette, KY, state Rep. W
Rita Smart, KY, state Rep. W
John Stacy, KY, state Rep. W
Barbra Stern, FL, state Rep. L
Kent Stevens, KY, state Rep. L
Greg Stumbo, KY, state Rep. W
Rashad Taylor, GA, state Rep. W
Larry Williams, AR, state Rep. L
Donna M. Zook, MT, state Rep. L
Jonathan Austin, AL, Jefferson Co. Commissioner L
Steve Mulroy, TN, Shelby Co. Commissioner W
Polly Ruggles, AL, Colbert Co. District Judge L
Don Coffey, TX, Harris Co. Justice Court Judge W
Henry Clay, MS, Hinds Co. L
Adam Escoto, CA, Co. Board of Education L
Judith Cruz, TX, San Antonio Independent School
District School Board L
Ruben Cuero, TX, San Antonio Independent School
District School Board W
Ed Garza, TX, San Antonio Independent School
District School Board W
Olga Hernandez, TX, San Antonio Independent
School District School Board W
James Howard, TX, San Antonio Independent
School District School Board W
Thomas Lopez, TX, San Antonio Independent
School District School Board W
Adela Segovia, TX, San Antonio Independent
School District School Board W
Carlos Villarreal, TX, San Antonio Independent
School District School Board W
Brian Blackwell, LA, East Baton Rouge Parish
School Board L
Marston Fowler, LA, East Baton Rouge Parish
School Board L
Chris Gautreaux, LA, Vermillion Parish School Board W
Tammy Taylor, TX, Arlington School Board L
Angel Taveras, RI, Providence Mayor W
Greg Hines, AR, Rogers Mayor RO
Dan Hollingsworth, LA, Ruston Mayor W
Jim Newberry, KY, Lexington Mayor L
Laurie Burkett, LA, Monroe City Judge L
Bob Nelson, MO, City Council St. Louis L
No on Prop 23, CA W
No on G, CA, Chula Vista L
Yes on E, CA, Foothills/De Anze Comm. College W
Yes on U, CA, MSC Comm. College L
No on Amendments 60, 61, 63, and Proposition 101, CO W
Yes on Measure 1, OR, Tigard W
Yes on Amendment 1, TN W
Yes on Measure 1, TX, Benbrook TC
Yes on Measure 1, TX, Burnett JP W
Yes on Measure 1, TX, Kirbyville L
Yes on Measure 1, TX, Smith JP L
Yes on Measure 1, TX, White Oak L
Yes on SAISD Bond, TX, San Antonio W
21st Century for: I-E
Cheri Jahn, CO, state Sen. W
John Morse, CO, state Sen. W
Jeanne Nicholson, CO, state Sen. L
Gail Schwartz, CO, state Sen. W
Louis Tochtrop, CO, state Sen. W
ASEA for: I-E
Todd Greeson, AL, state Rep. W
America Votes for: I-E
Mike Arcuri, NY, H24 L
Leonard Boswell, IA, H03 W
Allen Boyd, FL, H02 L
Ben Chandler, KY, H06 W
Mark Critz, PA, H12 W
Kathy Dahlkemper, PA, H03 L
Charlie Dent, PA, H15 W
Bill Foster, IL, H14 L
Phil Hare, PA, H15 W
Baron Hill, IN, H09 L
Steve Kagan, WI, H08 L
Paul Kanjorski, PA, H11 L
Bill Keating, MA, H10 W
Ron Klein, FL, H22 L
Larry Kissell, NC, H08 W
Rick Larsen, WA, H02 W
Julie Lassa, WI, H07 L
Bryan Lentz, PA, H07 L
Patrick Murphy, PA, H08 L
John Salazar, CO, H03 L
California School Employees Association for: I-E
Jerry Brown, CA, Gov. W
Hector De La Torre, CA, Insurance Commissioner L
Dave Jones, CA, Insurance Commissioner W
Tom Torlakson, CA, Superintendent of Public Instruction W
Anna Caballero, CA, state Sen. L
Lou Correa, CA, state Sen. W
Edward Hernandez, CA, state Sen. W
John Laird, CA, state Sen. L
Marty Block, CA, state Rep. W
Joan Buchanon, CA, state Rep. W
Roger Hernandez, CA, state Rep. Wp
Alyson Huber, CA, state Rep. W
Ricardo Lara, CA, state Rep. Wp
Manuel Perez, CA, state Rep. W
Defenders of Wildlife for: I-E
Martin Heinrich, NM, H01 W
E 2010 Leadership PAC for: I-E
Chad Causey, AR, H01 L
Lincoln Davis, TN, H04 L
Martin Heinrich, NM, H01 W
Chris Murphy, CT, H05 W
Harry Teague, NM, H02 L
Education Voters of Pennsylvania for: I-E
Joe Sestak, PA, U.S. Sen. L
Ellen Cohen, TX, state Rep. L
Jessica Farrar, TX, state Rep. W
Rick Molina, TX, state Rep. L
Kristi Thibaut, TX, state Rep. L
Planned Parenthood PA Advocates for: I-E
Bryan Lentz, PA, H07 L
Patrick Murphy, PA, H08 L
PA America Votes for: I-E
Dan Onorato, PA, Gov. L
Barbara Bergeron, PA, state Rep. L
Bryan Boughter, PA, state Rep. L
Frank Bovalino, PA, state Rep. L
Matt Bradford, PA, state Rep. W
Jim Casorio, PA, state Rep. L
Margo Davidson, PA, state Rep. W
Frank Dermody, PA, state Rep. W
Charles Dertinger, PA, state Rep. L
Paul Drucker, PA, state Rep. L
Tom Houghton, PA, state Rep. L
Fern Kaufman, PA, state Rep. W
David Kessler, PA, state Rep. L
Brandon Neuman, PA, state Rep. W
Mark Painter, PA, state Rep. L
Steve Santarsiero, PA, state Rep. TC
John Siptroth, PA, state Rep. L
Barbara McIlvaine Smith, PA, state Rep. L
Rick Taylor, PA, state Rep. L
Walt Waite, PA, state Rep. L
Jesse White, PA, state Rep. W
Justin Yaich, PA, state Rep. L
George Zalar, PA, state Rep. L
Progress Michigan for: I-E
Lisa Brown, MI, state Rep. TC
Christine Green, MI, state Rep. L
Jennifer Haase, MI, state Rep. L
Art Reyes, MI, state Rep. L
Sarah Roberts, MI, state Rep. L
Dan Scripps, MI, state Rep. L
Dianne Slavins, MI, state Rep. W
Joan Wadsworth, MI, state Rep. L
SEIU for: I-E
Robin Carnahan, MO, U.S. Sen. L
Mark Shauer, MI, H14 L
Support PAC for: I-E
Tracey Eide, WA, state Sen. W
Randy Gordon, WA, state Sen. L
Claudia Kauffman, WA, state Sen. L
Chris Marr, WA, state Sen. L
Eric Oemig, WA, state Sen. L
Rodney Tom, WA, state Sen. W
John Driscoll, WA, state Rep. L
Deb Eddy, WA, state Rep. W
Fred Finn, WA, state Rep. W
Roger Goodman, WA, state Rep. W
Tami Green, WA, state Rep. W
Carol Gregory, WA, state Rep. L
Kathy Haigh, WA, state Rep. W
Ross Hunter, WA, state Rep. W
Troy Kelley, WA, state Rep. W
Marcie Maxwell, WA, state Rep. W
Dawn Morrell, WA, state Rep. TC
Geoff Simpson, WA, state Rep. L
TX Planned Parenthood for: I-E
Kendra Camarena, TX, state Rep. L
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters for: I-E
Tom Barrett, WI, Gov.