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Big Data Is A Big Factor In 2012 -                        By Brett Bell

One thing is already clear: the U.S. political battleground of 2012 is looking significantly different than it did in 2008

Elections Looming in Quebec

by Simon Lafrance / Mar 28 2012

The left-right axis is not clearly defined in the province of Quebec because the independence-federalism axis has been the main dimension of comparison until now. Recent events have forced observers to question the importance of the national debate.

Alberta’s Wild Wild Western PC Leadership Race 

Alberta’s Wild Wild Western PC Leadership Race 

by John Craig / Nov 23 2011

Party leadership races in Canada are probably the closest we get to dog-eat-dog US-style political campaigns.  The stakes are often very high, such as Christy Clark and Alison Redford becoming the leaders of their respective parties and in turn Premier of their respective provinces, and in the current Federal NDP leadership race, Leader of the Official Opposition.  As such these campaigns create allowances for all types of new approaches, creative tactics, and US-style "dirty campaigning".

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Ontario Election 2011: The More Things Change... 

by Joseph Ragusa / Nov 23 2011

Although the Ontario Liberals fell just one seat short of a majority on October 6, they became the first Ontario party to win three elections in a row since the uninterrupted 42 year rule of the province’s Progressive Conservatives.  In my view, all three main political parties accomplished something, but none of them came away with a home run.   

An online revolution - How new digital technologies will change the Canadian political landscape

by Geoff Sharpe / Mar 28 2012

...and we are not talking Robocalls

Gaming Your Next Campaign 

by Brett Bell / Feb 01 2012

It may not surprise you to learn that the concept of “gamification” is a big trend in social media right now. If you do a quick Google search on the topic, you’ll find dozens of articles, blog posts and white papers on gamification and how it can increase the level of online engagement amongst a target community ...  .

Remettre le citoyen au cœur du débat politique, mais comment ? 

by Simon Lafrance / Nov 23 2011

S’il existe déjà, le mécanisme d’investitures locales pour la sélection des candidats doit être mieux exploité. Peu importe qu’il s’agisse du niveau municipal, québécois ou canadien, les directions des organisations politiques ont habituellement beaucoup trop de pouvoir quant au choix des porte-couleurs qui briguent les suffrages de leurs concitoyens. Si les aspirants à la chefferie doivent se prêter au jeu de la démocratie, il en va de même pour les candidats locaux.

An Attack Ad Campaign with a Difference 

by Stephen Skyvington / Nov 22 2011

Six hundred and eighty-five votes. That's all that stood between Premier McGuinty making history and winning a third consecutive majority.  The all elusive fifty-fourth seat. 

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