2011 Reed Awards Ceremony and Winners

Roll out the red carpet and raise a toast.

Roll out the red carpet and raise a toast. On Friday, February 4, 2011, Campaigns & Elections was proud to host the third annual Reed Awards in Washington, D.C.

The awards, named after the magazine’s founder, Stanley Foster Reed, embody his mission to strive for greatness in political campaigning. In all, over 100 awards were given out to recognize excellence in areas of campaigning including direct mail, telephone outreach, online communication and newspaper, radio and television advertising. Before the coveted Reed statuettes were handed out, however, a collection of the best minds in the campaign industry talked shop and socialized over cocktails. A fine time was had by all.

The winners of the 2011 Reed Awards:

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The trophy table at the 2011 Reed Awards

The Political Insider table with representatives of The Political Insider, Aristotle and Campaign Solutions

Costas Panagopoulos (C&E), April Hackney (Hackney & Hackney, Inc.) and Art Hackney (Hackney & Hackney, Inc.)

PJ Wenzel (Front Porch Strategies), Mark Stephenson (FLS Connect) and Matt Parker (Front Porch Strategies)

Dean Phillips (Aristotle) and Angela McMillen (AAPC)

Costas Panagopoulos and Marty Stone (Stone's Phones)

The Reed Awards ceremony and dinner

Sarah Hoffman (DCI Group) and Lynn Stinson (DCI Group)

Jeff Gumbinner (Gumbinner & Davies), Ricky Feller (AFSCME) and Michael Davies (Gumbinner & Davies)

Corrie Payson (C&E)

Matt Parker & PJ Wenzel

Kristen Janssen (C&E), Kate O'Connor (C&E) and Kurt Luidhardt (The Prosper Group)

Ari Appel (Winning Connections), Michael Moschella (Truman Project), Costas Panagopoulos, Daniel Weiss (C&E) and Dave Solimini (Truman Project)

Costas Panagopoulos & J.J. Balaban (The Campaign Group)

Bob Blaemire (Catalist) and Jordan Lieberman (CampaignGrid)

Bill Schu (C&E), Whit Ayres (Ayres, McHenry & Associates) and Costas Panagopoulos

Michelle Gajewski (Stone's Phones) and Kevin Reuning (Stone's Phones)

Troy Nickens and April Nickens (The Mellman Group)

Jamie Miller (Battleground Group) and Josh Bailey (Winning Edge Communications)

Costas Panagopoulos, Tracy Dietz (Labels & Lists), Bill Schu and Daniel Weiss

Kim Scott (Conklin Scott), Dean Phillips, Marty Stone and Costas Panagopoulos

Liz Chadderdon (The Chadderdon Group)

John Hydrusko (C&E) and Steve Castleton (The Political Insider)

Nancy Carlson (Goddard Claussen Public Affiars)

Cartney McCracken (Rainmaker)

Scott Simpson (Gumbinner & Davies)

Aimee Tavares (Winning Connections), Graham Roth  (Winning Connections), Karl Struble (Struble Eichenbaum) and Delana Jones (Struble Eichenbaum)

Matt Wyatt (Strategic Campaign Media)

Sarah Hoffman

Eric Hensal (Murray Hill Associates)

Jeff Gumbinner, Ben Chao (Chao Strategy Message & Media, Inc.), Michael Davies and Scott Simpson

Nicholas Tilley (Upstream Communications)

April Hackney

Sue Wadel, Sheldon Smith (Sheldon Smith, Inc.), Brad Chism (Zata3), Tara Conroy (Zata3)

John Phillips (Aristotle), Matt Parket, Lucie Bright (Broadnet)

Steve Castleton and Anthony Bellotti (Campaign Solutions / Connell Donatelli, Inc.)

Nathan J. Henry (The Mellman Group)

April Hackney, James Fabris (San Francisco Association of Realtors) and Art Hackney

Mike Breen (Truman Project), Bob Blaemire and Michael Moschella

Larry LaCorte (Rainmaker) and Demos Chrissos (RapidResponse Media)

Brad Chism

Michelle Gajewski and Whitney Hurt (The Political Insider)

Carl Kangas (Swedish Social Democratic Party) and Bruno Hoffmann (HoffGroup)

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