From the Associate Publisher: Embracing the Vision of Stanley Foster Reed

It is a seminal moment in C&E’s history.

It is a seminal moment in C&E’s history.  In this issue, we honor the 2011 Class of Rising Stars. The individuals recognized join the ranks of those from years stretching back to 1988, people such as George Stephanopoulos, Mike Murphy, David Axelrod, Frank Luntz, and James Carville. To make this list is an honor, for sure. But to be the custodians of this list is an honor that all of us at C&E recognize and feel humbled by.   But it is also a seminal moment for another reason. C&E has set a course to see its own star rise once again. Under our new ownership, the founding vision of Stanley Foster Reed will once more return to the heart of this title that has served the political campaign and public affairs industry for over thirty years.   It is time to put C&E back on a firm footing. And so, the issue you hold in your hands is the last under the old format. The next issue of C&E will see the founding vision once more brought to life on every page and in every section.   Moving forward, while staying true to our roots and committed to our readers—that is our creed at C&E. The next issue will reach you in late August, just in time to knock you out of summer and into full campaign mode. Alongside C&E’s new look, feel, and reassertion of founding principles will be a bi-monthly publishing schedule, an enhanced Political Pages and a brand new website.   Watch this space.   For now, though, I invite you to get acquainted with the Rising Stars of 2011. This may be the first time you’ve read about many of them, but you’ll be reading a lot more about them in the years ahead.   To rising stars,     James O’Brien Associate Publisher

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