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Shop Talk: Who says compliance is boring?

Shop Talk: Who says compliance is boring?

by Sean J. Miller / Aug 21 2014

From spotting a thieving treasurer to avoiding FEC penalties, compliance isn't as bland as you might think.

New Firm Focus: Echelon Insights

by Sean J. Miller / Aug 19 2014

A pair of young GOP strategists look to break down campaign silos.

Movers & Shakers: Martha McKenna

Movers & Shakers: Martha McKenna

by Sean J. Miller / Aug 15 2014

Democratic strategist Martha McKenna says animated spots stand out in political media and the old tropes are long gone.

The power of neuromarketing

The power of neuromarketing

by Fred Davis / Aug 19 2014

How to show without telling in advertising.

The political startup's rocky road

The political startup's rocky road

by Ram C. Singh / Aug 18 2014

Thinking about launching a political startup? Location is critical.

Is Twitter ruining young press operatives?

Is Twitter ruining young press operatives?

by Mark Harris / Aug 12 2014

In the rush to develop a strong social media presence, too many young operatives have lost sight of what actually moves persuadable voters.

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Canadian Edition

Big Data Is A Big Factor In 2012 -                        By Brett Bell

Mar 30 2012

One thing is already clear: the U.S. political battleground of 2012 is looking significantly different than it did in 2008

Social Media and Technology in Alberta's Provincial Election: The Leaders View

by John Craig / Mar 29 2012

In the very first issue of C&E Canada we interviewed Danielle Smith, the fledging but popular leader of the Wildrose Party. Almost two years later I caught up with her to discuss how social media and technology will play a role in the imminent Alberta provincial election. I also separately connected with Raj Sherman, the recently elected leader of the Liberal Party of Alberta. Both shared their experiences on the use of social media and technology, and candidly spoke about what worked, what didn’t, and how it might shape the upcoming election.

Elections Looming in Quebec

by Simon Lafrance / Mar 28 2012

The left-right axis is not clearly defined in the province of Quebec because the independence-federalism axis has been the main dimension of comparison until now. Recent events have forced observers to question the importance of the national debate.

Robo Bobo

by C&E Editor, Bernie Morton / Mar 30 2012

Robo Bobo is a Generator Rex Season 2, Episode 5 decoy robot made by Bobo Haha. Robo Bobo is reprogrammed to lie, steal and cheat and believe that "good is bad and bad is good." Some suspect that the reprogrammer of Robo Bobo may in fact be...Pierre Poutine.


An online revolution - How new digital technologies will change the Canadian political landscape

by Geoff Sharpe / Mar 28 2012

...and we are not talking Robocalls

Gaming Your Next Campaign 

by Brett Bell / Feb 01 2012

It may not surprise you to learn that the concept of “gamification” is a big trend in social media right now. If you do a quick Google search on the topic, you’ll find dozens of articles, blog posts and white papers on gamification and how it can increase the level of online engagement amongst a target community ...  .

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