In an effort to counter the overwhelming cash advantage wielded by right-leaning third-party groups in the 2010 cycle and help hold the Senate for their party in 2012, a number of veteran Democratic operatives have formed Majority PAC. The “Super PAC” will be able to raise unlimited funds and use them to support or oppose candidates. (Those who donate to Majority PAC will be publicly disclosed, though those who donate to its partner organization, Patriot Majority PAC, will not.)
Among those working to put Majority PAC on the map are two longtime aides to Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, strategist Rebecca Lambe and former chief of staff Susan McCue, as well as two former heads of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, J.B. Poersch and Jim Jordan. They are joined by Craig Varoga, who heads Patriot Majority PAC, which helped Reid win re-election last year; longtime Democratic fundraiser Monica Dixon; and attorney Marc Elias.
Although Democrats currently hold a six-seat edge in the Senate, their majority is in jeopardy as they will have to defend twenty-three seats in the next election cycle, while Republicans will only have to defend ten. In 2010, right-leaning groups such as American Crossroads spent approximately $190 million in support of Republican candidates, while left-leaning groups spent just $94 million in support of Democrats. Majority PAC aims to help level the playing field for Democrats in 2012.