Veteran Democratic strategists Trish Hoppey and Dean Levitan have launched a new consulting firm, The Pivot Group, which will focus on direct mail and overall campaign strategy. Both Hoppey and Levitan were most recently with MSHC Partners, the Democratic direct mail and communications strategy firm that disbanded last fall after over two decades in operation.

“We come in with lots of experience, yet we have the personality of a startup,” says Levitan. “We are set up to be very streamlined so we can be not just a mail vendor, but also get involved in strategy with individual clients and figure out the best way to victory.”


Trish Hoppey                                                  Dean Levitan

Hoppey was managing partner at MSHC and has over two decades of experience crafting messages for candidates and national and local organizations. Levitan was a partner at MSHC and spent a decade running campaigns across the country before joining the firm. He was national field press secretary for Bill Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign.

Pivot’s main offices will be in Washington, D.C., with satellite offices in Texas and California that will be headed by MSHC alums Beth Hernandez and Natalie LeBlanc, respectively. Among its clients are SEIU and the AFLCIO. The firm recently racked up its first victory in a special election for a spot on the Board of Legislators in New York State’s Westchester County.