"Some of the funniest situations you can ever imagine pop up during the campaign,” says John Brabender, Republican media consultant and founder of Zolitics.com, a new web-based political entertainment network. 

"Moving Numbers" (think "The West Wing" meets "The Office") is Brabender’s brainchild and the feature dramedy on Zolitics.com.

It's a neurotic romp through the behind-the-scenes war room of a dysfunctional U.S. Senate campaign. “This show will give you an insider look at what drama and decisions go into a political campaign,” Brabender says. “It’s fun and crazy.”

Moving Numbers "Idiot" - Trailer 1 from Zolitics on Vimeo.

The show will spoof the shenanigans that often define the backrooms of major campaigns. From a Red Bull guzzling boss to near freak-outs at candidate gaffes—Brabender says the show's characters will be composites of "some of the most famous people out there.”

“We’re making fun of everyone in politics,” says Brabender. "Ourselves included.”

"Moving Numbers" premieres online this September.