Settling into your long weekend having already read all you want about Sarah Palin? Still need something to read? The New York Times Magazine offers the latest long, long political piece, with an in depth look at the California gubernatorial candidates. Not a whole lot of new ground broken—mostly just Gavin Newsom adoration with some anecdotes about how much Gov. Schwarzenegger loves things are big thrown in—but a good introduction to the candidates.

And otherwise it seems like most political writers have already trucked out for the long weekend. The same old stories are on loop: Republicans in South Carolina are still (and increasingly) calling on Mark Sanford to resign; Sarah Palin is still a lightning rod (though maybe now we'll start sympathizing with her). And we're still wondering just who can lead the Republican Party. Consider what went wrong for candidates in 2008 and whether Huckabee can actually run for first place this time around.

Some interesting polling: Wilson Research Strategies has looked into Peter Schiff's potential Senate bid in Connecticut (which I wrote about here) and find that he performs comparably to former Rep. Rob Simmons against Dodd, despite his lower name recognition. No numbers on the Republican primary, though.