For anyone wondering how rapidly cell phone users are changing the polling landscape, look no further than a recent study from the federal government, which shows that for the first time ever the number of cell phone-only households has surpassed those with just traditional landlines.

That has all sorts of ramifications for the economy and the lifestyles of Americans. But, for me, it’s another reason why interactive polling is and will continue to be the most effective method of measuring public and voter opinion.

At Zogby International, we don’t include cell phones in our samples. Surveying cell phone users presents legal and logistical obstacles that make it impractical. Instead, we rely on an interactive online methodology that we have used along with traditional phone polling.

Internet penetration in the U.S. is high and growing. Studies show that for the general population it’s 83 percent—90 percent for likely voters. This, combined with the fact that an increasing number of younger respondents do not own landlines, suggests the Internet is becoming the most viable means of reaching key demographic groups. And as we continue to refine our interactive polling, we have experienced increased accuracy and reliability.