Zata3 Consulting conducts biweekly surveys to track opinions on the economy and other noteworthy issues. The survey question considered to day is, "Will your financial situation be better a year from now?" For an introduction to the survey results, click here.

African Americans and Mexican Americans are much more pessimistic about their own personal financial outlook than they were in mid-March, according to the ZataPulse National ZataPulse survey. Both groups had a 16-point drop in this Pocketbook Index. Caucasians were generally more skeptical than either group in mid-March and continue to be sixty days later. However, the mood among Caucasians has gotten slightly better. Asian Americans’ outlooks about their personal finances a year from now are actually more optimistic than in the spring.

Democrats are undoubtedly anxious for the stimulus dollars to make their way into the marketplace and boost these indices among minority voters.

Brad Chism is president of Zata3 Communications, a one-to-one communications company based in Washington, DC, serving a national client base of Democratic candidates and progressive organizations and interest groups. For more information about Zata3 and ZataPulse polling, click here.


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