When it came to union members in Ohio this past year, Barack Obama started in a weakened position. Early polling from the state showed union members supporting him with just 50 percent of the vote. It wasn’t a bad start, but it was well below the number Obama needed to win the state.

By the time Election Day rolled around, polling showed a 12 point increase for Obama in the demographic. It was in large part the result of an advanced research and targeting program developed by the AFLCIO aimed at identifying persuadable members and helping Obama maximize his vote share. Weekly internal polling showed that direct contact through mail, phones and at the workplace had an enormous impact on members’ voting decisions.

Mack/Crounse Group was one of three direct mail firms and three polling firms on the AFL-CIO’s communication team in 2008. We worked closely with AFL-CIO staff and the entire team to maximize the union vote and propel Barack Obama to victory.