The RNC's resolution on Democrats' creeping socialism half-passed yesterday, with its final version opposing Democratic attempts to "[push] our country toward socialism," but stopping short of creating an official "Democrat Socialist Party" nickname. That's a victory for party moderation, some think. The other committee controversy appears to be the lack of Hispanics within RNC leadership positions. In other committee news, the DCCC outraised the NRCC in April.

A new poll is out for the Virginia gubernatorial primary, and with three weeks to go, Terry McAuliffe still holds a solid lead over his Democratic rivals, though Creigh Deeds has been gaining. The DGA is helping all three by pouring another $750,000 into Common Sense Virginia, meant to fight Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate. Up in New Jersey, which is holding this year's other gubernatorial race, incumbent Jon Corzine has announced his campaign kick-off—on primary day, at a polling place. Due to legalities, that's forced the Board of Elections to approve a new location for the election.

As Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty faces increased pressure to seat Al Franken, he's saying his hands are tied: He has to, legally, let the court battle extend to the bitter end. Arlen Specter, facing his own controversy over his sometimes not-quite-Democratic ways, may be doing a better job of falling into line, which may help him avoid a primary. In Connecticut, another Democrat is facing a high-profile Republican challenge as state Senate minority leader John McKinney is set to challenge freshman Rep. Jim Himes.

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