Michael Steele, with a speech at an RNC gathering today and a Politico op-ed, tries to focus on the future, re-booting the party and his RNC chairmanship. In the op-ed he focuses on three things: being forward-looking, holding the president accountable and building on grassroots efforts in local communities. But a new poll has bad news for the party: The number of Republicans in a wide range of demographics—essentially all of the demographics up for grabs between the parties—has declined sharply.

Politico breaks an interesting story about a suggested alliance between the Palins and the Clintons, pushed by a one-time Palin advisor who encouraged the governor to help pay off Clinton's campaign debts.

And in the world of the permanant campaign:

  • The Virginia gubernatorial primary is getting closer; here's a nice run-down of some of the recent gritty details of the campaigning.
  • The NRCC is rolling out a new program for vulnerable incumbents. Called the Patriot Program, it will emphasize accountability and push candidates to work hard at fundraising.
  • Sen. Chris Dodd has another primary challenger, this time from an Air Force veteran and former Al Gore aide.
  • Harry Reid, who faces some unhappy numbers in recent polls, is holding a star-studded Vegas fundraiser next week.
  • Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) is running for governor.
  • Huntsman's departure to China means a special gubernatorial election for Utah in '10. Here's a look at some of the potential candidates.