All the Arlen Specter hubbub buried what many news outlets planned to be a big day of coverage: President Obama's hundredth day in office. There are retrospectives all over the media; the essential fact seems to be that the president polls well. Don't forget, though, that today is also the GOP's hundredth day as the opposition party, which might not earn as stellar reviews.

Their squabbles continue. It sounds that some within the RNC are trying to take budgetary control away from Chair Michael Steele. Compare that to the good news for Democrats: They have good candidates in most of the few competitive, GOP-controlled House seats that remain, which might help them overcome a historical precedent that favors the minority party. Still, the party's campaign commissions are coming under fire for fundraising hypocrisy thanks to their day-long rules tightening for an upcoming event with Obama.

Despite conservative opposition, former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary. Down in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe took a big jump in Democratic primary polls, though Creigh Deeds still polls better against Republican nominee Bob McDonnell, who continues to lead all Democrats.