With swine-flu hysterics more epidemic than swine flu itself, both parties are trying to lay the blame across the aisle.

New numbers confirm the ongoing story of the shrinking GOP, which now makes up just 21 percent of voters. But former GOP chair Ed Gillespie and current AAPC president Whit Ayres are the latest with a solution; they have launched ResurgentRepublic, a group that will run focus groups and polls to help shape Republican policies.

In the developing health-care fight, Conservatives for Patients Rights have spent another million on ads attacking a national system.

Finally, some interesting news in races across the country:

  • Down in Virginia, Bill Clinton stumped for good friend and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.
  • In New Jersey, an analysis of polls shows that Chris Christie's real problem is not a growing primary challenge, but his inability to get out his bio—and the likelihood that even if voters get the message, they won't care.
  • Republicans are licking their chops to challenge appointed Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who has found his first Republican opponent in Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.
  • Though Louisiania Rep. Joseph Cao faces steep challenges to reelection, the GOP might also have the second Vietnamese-American congressman in California Assembleyman Van Tran.
  • New polls in Minnesota confirm that most voters are ready for Coleman to concede.