Obama's appearance on Leno last night—already, along with his NCAA bracket, a talking point for Republicans saying he's wasting time in a crisis—didn't need any GOP spin after the president compared his struggling bowling game to the Special Olympics. Obama has already apologized to the chairman of the games. This gaffe adds to a growing meme that Obama hasn't been such a great communicator lately; and it may be a sign that Obama's branding strategy, which has him saturating the media, may be a risk. That hasn't stopped him from, on the heels of Bush's announcement of his own autobiography, signing a deal for another book.

More fundraising numbers are coming in, and both the DSCC and NRSC raised $2.87 million in February. Politico takes a look at Mitt Romney's PAC, which is taking in good money but spending most on travel and staffing expenses rather than giving back to candidates.