Prognosticators say a longtime tradition might be reversed this month as the DNC is set to out-fundraise its Republican counterpart. That—and Jim Tedisco's proclaimed divorce from the national part—isn't stopping the RNC from sending more money up to NY-20. And money is a campaign issue there, too, as Tedisco says Murphy, by stating his support for the stimulus package, approved of the much-reviled AIG bonuses. Murphy's also under scrutiny for saying he was discussing political strategy in the White House situation room, which would be an odd breach of etiquette on Obama's part. It's still unclear whether Murphy misspoke.

Republicans are making money a focus of other races as well, hoping their trackers will catch Dems slipping up over the stimulus. The White House, meanwhile, is using Organizing For America to drum up grassroots support for Obama's budget; the call script supporters will use has been released.

And back on the fundraising side, it appears that charities, at least in New York, have been illegally donating to campaigns.

Looking ahead to 2010, it seems Dems may try to run against Bush and Cheney one more time. They're already trying that strategy against former Rep. Rob Simmons, set to run against Sen. Chris Dodd in Connecticut.

Today's tech news: Sen. Claire McCaskill, already a Twitter whiz, becomes the first congressperson to my knowledge to venture onto tumblr. The blog offers a recipe for creamed spinach. But what the heck is tumblr, you ask? Let Wikipedia explain the art of the Tumbleblog.