As Democrats and Republicans exchange salvos over the budget, Obama is preparing to tap into the 13 million email addresses he collected while campaigning, hoping to reignite the energy that surrounded his election in the fall. The DNC, which controls Organizing For America, the organization with all those email addresses, is also using television advertising, launching two ads. One attacks Mark Sanford, one of the governors most vocally opposing the stimulus, and the other hits John Boehner for saying Republicans are no longer legislators. The new offensive comes as Obama's approval numbers slip, the subject of a mini-message war itself. Meanwhile, a number of liberal groups are forming their own coalition to help Obama pass sympathetic legislation.

The other hot message war is the ongoing battle in NY-20. Though Tedisco has claimed his slide in the polls is due to the negativity of national Republicans, the RNC is not ending their campaigning and has a few ads going on air. The DCCC has an anti-Tedisco ad.

Finally, a look at upcoming races: