The Republican National Committee put out its request for proposal for a new website late Friday. In the days since, it has been met with ridicule throughout the Republican blogosphere.

A Friday night post from Dale Franks on The Next Right was entitled “GOP Tech: Clueless Losers.” Franks calls the RNC’s RFP “a masterpiece of confusion and idiocy…”

Surely this is all some sort of elaborate joke. Perhaps on Monday the RNC will tell us that they were just having us on. Then, once we've all had a good laugh, they'll release the real RFP.

Because whatever this document is, it's not an RFP. At best, this is some sort of marketing-related statement of intent.

This was Erick Erikson’s take on Redstate…

Friends, either the RNC has no freakin’ clue what the hell it is doing or else all the rumors about certain consultants having an inside track at RNC contracts is true.

Why? Because there is no way any competent person would put together an RFP like this. It’s crap. It is not legitimate. It is unprofessional. It is illusory. Either they don’t know what they are doing, or they’ve already picked their consultant and are going through the motions. If it is the former, well, the RNC is screwed. If it is the latter, Michael Steele’s claims about bidding out work was B.S.

Overall, it has been a bad couple of weeks for Chairman Michael Steele. His personal blog was taken down recently too after the chairman was relentlessly criticized in the comments over his recent characterization of Rush Limbaugh.

Shane D'Aprile is senior editor at Politics magazine.