Newspapers, Twitter, blogs—everyone last night was searching for their own angle in responding to Obama's not-quite-State-of-the-Union address to Congress. So you have your choice about whose reactions you care to hear: we've got Congress, pundits, instant polls. Or what his rhetorical inspirations were. Or even who he hugged and kissed on the way onto the floor.

Most reactions seem positive. Unfortunately for the GOP, most reactions to Jindal's response were not so great.

In other bad GOP news, some intra-party sniping has begun. Steele has begun backtracking from some earlier comments that he might support new blood in the state primaries against the senators who voted for the stimulus (though Specter is the only one who is up for re-election in 2010). More damaging, a spat between Sen. Jim Bunning and NRSC head Sen. John Cornyn. After shopping around for a replacement for Bunning, Cornyn now says he'll back the Kentucky senator for re-election—but Bunning just doesn't trust him anymore.

Democratic senators have woes of their own, of course, with Roland Burris. Dick Durbin joins the chorus of calls for resignation, but Burris is having none of it.

Amid all the drama, the Senate did get some work done yesterday, passing the D.C. voting rights bill on for debate.

Finally, Politico reports on a few interesting characters vying for David Vitter's seat in Louisiana.