Bob McDonnell, no longer Virginia's attorney general, was big in the news over the weekend (including a Post profile where he casts himself as a moderate). Friday was his last day as he begins in earnest his campaign for governor—and only a day later a lawyer in the attorney general's office was arrested on drug and gun charges. On the Democratic side, Moran won the Mount Vernon Straw Poll, where McAuliffe was a no-show.

Across the country, the LA Times predicts that the next California governor will come from the north.

Anyone who read the news over the weekend knows it's still rough for Burris. More Democrats, including a likely 2010 nominee for his seat, are calling for his resignation—and his acting chief of staff has returned to Harry Reid's office. It's largely a failure of his PR and crisis management, Politico reports (hey, that's a story we had last week!) and at least one former Burris consultant is distancing himself from the whole debacle.

Speaking stories we ran first, Politico also notes that Google is becoming an increasingly effective tool for targeting voters.

On the fundraising front, the RGA is breaking records (despite disagreement over the stimulus) while the DCCC is beating out the NRCC.

A slew of female candidates (something of a rarity right now) will be running in 2010.