Politics magazine's list of the 100 most influential Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania will be published in the January 2010 issue--which happens to have Gov. Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) as a guest editor--but I am publishing the list online ahead of this weekend's Pennsylvania Society dinner.

Click here to read the Pennsylvania Influencers. (PDF)

Hopefully the list will add to the conversation over dinner at the Waldorf.

About the authors of the Pennsylvania Influencers:
Alex Roarty has covered politics in Pennsylvania for a variety of media outlets, including a stint as PolitickerPA’s Harrisburg correspondent. He is currently an editor and staff writer for PoliticsPA, an online publication that focuses on the behind-the-scenes action in Harrisburg and for campaigns statewide. He put together the Republican list. Sean Coit, a graduate of St. Joseph’s University, is an assistant editor and writer for PoliticsPA and has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He put together the Democratic list.

Click here to read the Pennsylvania Influencers. (PDF)

Click here to see our Influencers lists from other states.


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